Global Top 10 Internet Celebrity Hotels

Oct 31, 2019


  • 1. Soneva Jani Resort
  • 2. The Face Suites
  • 3. Xueshan Manor
  • 4. Museum Hotel
  • 5. Munduk Moding Resort
  • 6. Arlo NoMad
  • 7. Riad Yasmine
  • 8. Sala Ayutthaya
  • 9. Hotel Villa Honegg
  • 10. Six Senses Ninh Van Bay
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Global Top 10 Internet Celebrity Hotels

#Soneva Jani# Soneva Jani Resort Maldives is one of the most wonderful sea side hotels in Maldives. It is located on a very private island in a low-development area of the Maldives. It belongs to the private houses on water, and can only be reached by boat.

#Romantic starlight travel# The biggest highlights are the Water Slide and Stargazing House. The starlight is full of the Indian Ocean night sky, bringing you the most romantic starlight journey"

#Take a snap at Infinity Pool# The Face Suites is definitely the most popular Internet celebrity hotel in Malaysia. There is a Infinity Pool on the roof of the hotel, opposite to the Kuala Lumpur twin towers and Kuala Lumpur tower. The scenery is superb!

#Warm apartment suites# The hotel only opened in 2019, with especially new facilities. Moreover, the rooms are all serviced apartment suites, especially spacious, and have washing machines, an open kitchen, and all types of pots and pans. Compared with prudish star hotels, The Face Suites Kuala Lumpur has a taste of home."

Global Top 10 Internet Celebrity Hotels

#Snow-capped mountain scenery & Duplex Loft# Xueshan Manor is the first "Wild Luxury Hotel" in the series of "Thousand-mile Single-ride" hotels. The construction of the manor is inspired by the holy Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. There are only 9 rooms in the manor, and each room is a upper-and-lower Duplex Loft. You can view the Snow Mountain and embrace the sunshine in each room.

#Pastoral nature# The hotel is surrounded by 50 acres of farmland. The farmland is cultivated in the most authentic Naxi way, and cattle, sheep, and poultry are also kept on the farmland.

#Caring housekeeper# The manor also employs 12 housekeepers from the Naxi, Pumi and Bai ethnic groups. These housekeepers are responsible for various services, such as picking up, scheduling trips, waking up calls and taking care of children.”

Global Top 10 Internet Celebrity Hotels

#"The most interesting hotel" selected by 'Lonely Planet' # The hotel is located on a hillside at the foot of the Church of Uchitsa, which has caves that are thousands of years old and by local dwellings, overlooking the amazing and magnificent Cappadocia which it is like being on another planet.

#Enjoy hot air balloon scenery# The wonderful geographical location facilitates you to enjoy the unparalleled views from the hotel. No matter where you are, restaurant, balcony, bar or swimming pool, you can enjoy the beautiful sceneries of ravines and rolling hills, as well as hot air balloons."

Global Top 10 Internet Celebrity Hotels

#Manor hotel by mountain and river# Munduk Moding Plantation is located near the Munduk Waterfall in north-central Bali. With a high ground, the hotel is constructed against a mountain. It is located on the mountain with more than 1000 meters above sea level, and surrounded by green mountains and water.

#Infinity pool# The hotel is famous for its sky mirror Infinity Pool. The swimming pool is located on a high mountain, and the manner of being straight up to the cliff is second to none.

Global Top 10 Internet Celebrity Hotels

#Invincible French window views# The French windows in all directions in the room, matching stunning New York skyline, makes the NoMad Hotel in New York a real Internet celebrity hotel!

#ins Internet celebrity design hotel#The French windows on the two side and a terrace bar in the hotel room are now the perfect places where the Internet Celebrities on instagram go to and take photos. The modern design and comfortable environment experience are definitely better than those of the old-style star hotels.

#Check-in tips# Finally, please remember to book the sky-view room of the hotel and take beautiful photos in the same style of the Internet celebrities~

Global Top 10 Internet Celebrity Hotels

#Moroccan exoticism# Riad Yasmine is the first Internet celebrity pool hotel in Morocco, located in Marrakesh, a city in southwest Morocco. The dark green and white ceramic tiles and courtyard hollow pool feature a dye-in-the-wood exotic amorous feeling. It would be no exaggeration if it is awarded the Best Picture Award.

#Internet celebrity pool hotel#The most famous atrium and a small emerald pool are gently hugged by diversified palm trees. Although there are only seven rooms in the hotel, each of the different decorative styles is full of Moroccan characteristics.

#Check-in tips# It is often so popular that all the rooms of the hotel are often booked , so you want to stay in this most popular Internet celebrity hotel, you'd better book in advance!

Global Top 10 Internet Celebrity Hotels

#located near historic sites# Sala hotel is located in Ayutthaya, Thailand, with a 40-minute drive from Bangkok. Opposite of the hotel is the historic site, Wat Phuttai Sawan Temple, which was built in 1353 on the order of the first King of Ayutthaya .

#Red brick and white wall, with senior contracted wind#The design of the hotel is sophisticated and niche, especially the match of red bricks and white walls, highlighting contracted style but not losing aesthetic feeling. Walking down a long red-brick winding path, you can see the pure white courtyard of the hotel. The whole color match makes you an impression, as if you are in a spotless land of dreams.

Global Top 10 Internet Celebrity Hotels

#Old Internet celebrity hotel# The hotel is located on Mount Bürgenstock, which was built in 1905. It can be counted on the old Internet celebrity hotel. Although each room of the hotel will cost tens of thousands of yuan per night, various ins talents and Internet celebrities will go to check in the hotel for taking photos, and even the phenomena that the room of the hotel is hard to be booked will occur.

#Perspective of God, hidden wonderland# In addition to the immense charm of the Infinity Pool, the surrounding scenery of the hotel is also unique. Snow-capped mountain, lakes, and fields...The hotels possesses the God's perfect perspective, which is too beautiful to be willing to blink. If you are tired of the hustle and bustle of the city, here is a hidden wonderland.

Global Top 10 Internet Celebrity Hotels

#Isolated sea villa# Six Senses Ninh Van Bay in Vietnam is only accessible by water. The advantaged geographical position enables it to have a quiet and isolated world. The hotel is backed by steep and beautiful mountains, prolonging into the blue sea. 59 villas are placed in such magnificent and natural sceneries, with an excellent privacy.

#Open guest room# Most of the guest rooms in the hotel are open design, with traditional Vietnamese woodiness structure, as if you can touch blue sky, white cloud, green plant, and sea once you stay in the guest room, and you can fully appreciate the feeling of being in nature.

Global Top 10 Internet Celebrity Hotels

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