Cyanotypes: Sun Prints! | 1255 Wold Rd

Cyanotypes: Sun Prints! | 1255 Wold Rd

May 5, 2024 (UTC-8)
1255 Wold Rd


Discover the art of creating stunning photographs and botanical prints under the sun with a workshop on cyanotype printing. This unique non-silver alternative photography technique, originally used for blueprints, offers a simple yet highly experimental process. Through this workshop, led by Alchemy staff member and artist Katey Rissi, participants will delve into the world of cyanotype printing, learning to make negatives, experiment with various materials, and engage in contact printing with objects. The workshop, taking place at the print studio in the main art building on the AAC campus in Friday Harbor, offers attendees the opportunity to create intricate and dynamic images through layering with other printmaking and photography techniques. Each participant will leave with their own prints and a detailed zine outlining the steps for future home projects. Register early to secure a spot and benefit from a 20% early bird discount if registered more than three weeks before the event on May 5, 2024. Ticket pricing follows a sliding scale to ensure accessibility, with options ranging from $52 to $84. Tuition assistance is also available for those facing financial barriers.

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