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Yilu·Fengqing Business Hotel
4.8/5128 Reviews

Yilu·Fengqing Business Hotel

Gao'an|1.62km from Gao'an Museum

Latest booking 21 hrs ago

住進驛路楓情商務酒店,讓人可以盡情欣賞周邊的美景。清晨,,在公園中 晨跑,呼吸着清新的空氣,感受着自然的芬芳, 為新的一天注入滿滿的活力;傍晚,與家人或朋 友一起在公園中散步,欣賞着タ陽的餘暉,享受 着寧靜的時光。酒店的旁邊公園不僅又為住客提供 了個放鬆身心的場所,更是將自然美景融入了 住宿體驗、讓人印象深刻。 值得一提的是,酒店離著名的巴夫洛非常常近,衹 需 short drive 即可到達,巴夫洛是高安風景名 勝區,擁有豐富的自然資源和深厚的文化底藴, 是遊客們遊覽高安必去的景點之一。這一切都在酒店周邊完美呈現。 此外,酒店的房間佈置温馨舒適,設施齊全,服 務周到。從房間窗户即可欣賞到美麗的城市景 觀,夜晚更可以欣賞到璀璨的夜景。房間內的床 上用品乾淨整潔,提供舒適的睡眠環環境;衞生間 設施現代,洗浴用品一應俱全;房間內還提提供免 費 WiFi ,讓住客隨時與外界保持聯繫。 總之,驛路楓情商務酒店(宜春高安安居路鵬泰百貨店)是我入住過的酒店中難得導的佳作。優 越的地理位置、獨特的空中花園、舒舒適的住宿環 境、一切都讓人感到滿意。在這裏,,我感受到了 酒店工作人員的用心和專業,體驗到到了高安這座 城市的美好。我相信,無論是為了商商務還是旅不 遊,高安驛路楓情商務酒店都將是您理想選擇。

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Gao'andema Apartment
3.3/52 Reviews
The environment is good and affordable Very good
Gao'an  Fei Fan E-sports Apartment
4.3/5181 Reviews
Recommended stay Hotel has free breakfast Free parking Hotel cost-effective
Ferrari Flagship Hotel (Gao'an High Speed Rail Station Branch)
4.2/546 Reviews
Newly opened, relatively clean, a hotel with business rooms and e-sports rooms. WiFi is really fast, this can be liked. The hotel closest to the high-speed rail station is also very close to Runda International Shopping Center. Slippers are very novel, the coffee delivered in the room is sweeter, the tea is fresher, the shower cap, hand sanitizer, etc. are all OK. Invoices are available. Parking is very convenient. The price is relatively cheap and affordable, the price is higher.
Yongsheng Hyundai Hotel (Gao'an long-distance bus station pengtai department store)
3.7/558 Reviews
The front desk clerk is really good, free to upgrade my room type, the hotel is in a good location, convenient transportation, there are many catering service units nearby, the only dissatisfaction is that the young lady called me in the middle of the night, can't it be earlier?
Ruixue International Hotel
4.6/5498 Reviews
The parent-child room is great, with a large number of rooms, various room types, and children's toothbrushes, towels and other supplies. I didn't expect that there are so many good hotels in a county-level city. It's really good. Some houses have books and some don't, some are big and some are small. Anyway, the difference between the same house types is quite big. The carpet was a little dirty, but other cleaning was pretty good. Overall very satisfied. It's also very convenient to eat and drink downstairs. By the way, a special mention, the breakfast is great, the ingredients are very real, and the pig's trotter soup in a crock pot is delicious. There are also a variety of juices and fruit pulp, which is better than the breakfast in luxury hotels I have stayed in before.
Yunshang Hotel
4.7/544 Reviews
Affordable, the front desk lady is in place, the boss is also very polite

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