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Crown on Cintra Lane
3.6/56 Reviews
I stayed here because I could not get an apartment near Britomart station. It was decisive to be near the airport shuttle bus stop, but the location was incredibly difficult. Even if you look at Google map, you will find a kind person who is passing by and finds you together. Then, a strong slope from the road to the apartment! I couldn't climb my two suitcases with a baby on my back ... I was kindly helped by that kind person and arrived somehow. . Although it was right away from the bus stop, it was a difficult location. The room is clean, the water area is ok, there are no ticks on the bed, and there is a full set of cookware. Because it was a high floor, it was a good lookout and I was able to spend the last night of NZ comfortably. Since there is no supermarket in the neighborhood, I think that it is better to do shopping in the downtown area.
Empire Apartments
2.6/538 Reviews
Equivalent to the University of Auckland student dormitory, because the school itself is in the city center, there is no traditional campus, nearby apartments are used as student dormitories or rented to foreign workers. In the dead end, there is a steep road, and a nearby Okay Takeway is more cost-effective. It is about 15 minutes walk to Queen Street, which is a cost-effective choice. Don't stay as a hotel, just as short-term rent, there is no service at all, be careful when choosing a room type, do not choose to share a unit with others. If I come to Auckland again, I think I will still choose.
Nesuto St Martins Apartment Hotel
4/577 Reviews
The hotel location is quite convenient, the facilities are modern and clean. The staff is friendly and accomodating. My only real issue is that there were a few days when they were painting the hallway outside my room; and my room smelled quite heavily of paint fumes. I have asthma and this adversely affected my health and comfort; paint fumes has both short-term and long-term harm to your health; so I don't understand why they would do this sort of work with guests inside the rooms. Anyways my rating is 5 stars regardless and highly recommond staying in this hotel if you are visiting Auckland
Cordis, Auckland by Langham Hospitality Group
4.4/5114 Reviews
The location of the hotel is only a 10-minute walk from Auckland Domain, and it takes more than 20 minutes to walk from Habour. There are shuttle buses every hour. There are not many dining options around. We were arranged in a room above the hotel entrance. The music in the bar at night is quite loud, maybe Because on Saturday, the sounds of passing vehicles and people can also be heard.
Columbia Apartments
2.9/522 Reviews
Where to begin? I agree pretty much with every other 1 star rating. I was staying on the 19th floor (with one lift btw, which never works properly). During heavy rain, rain pours in from the ceiling into the landings. Often it smells like crap is seeping out the pipes. Often I would say hello to the front-desk, only to be met with vacant looks and sneers. I'd ask for change for the laundry and instead of handing it to me, they'd chuck it on the counter without so much as a thank you. I'd have mail go missing, and when it arrived, looked like it had been tampered with (with sello-tape re-sealing it). The internet is rubbish, and expensive. Often I've heard the front-desk using excessively bad language to people they talk to on the phone, or in person. It's like Fawlty towers on steroids.
Princeton Apartments
2.6/53 Reviews
I had to change the dates of my booking, which was not that easy, but the customer service of was a great help. One I arrived the receptionists were very accommodating. The room is small as expected, but it is reasonably confortable. The only defect was that the heater didn't work, and that the wifi is not free.

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