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Omni Los Angeles Hotel
4.6/5119 Reviews

Omni Los Angeles Hotel

Downtown Los Angeles Los Angeles|1.69km from Angies Boutique
Room quality & amenities: The room was nice, spacious and comfortable. They give you a nice desk to work on if you're on a business trip. They have a small pool and a gym in the building but I did not get to use these because work was busy for me that week. I read that another guest had problems connecting their Netflix; it actually was not that bad for me. They use get streaming so you can chrome cast to the TV. Once I connected the Wi-Fi it was easy to start streaming on the TV. I like that better than logging into my account and worrying about forgetting to log back out before I leave. The one thing I really liked about the room was the bed. I'm going mattress shopping now because I haven't slept through out the night like that in ages. I wish I could have packed the bed in my suitcase for the trip home! Comfortable stay hands down. The rooms are fairly quite too; I didn't hear my neighbors at all (only the hallway actually). Cleanliness: The rooms are kept clean. I felt comfortable walking around bare foot even in the shower and sleeping in the bed. They come everyday about midday to clean the rooms. Overall they keep the hotel clean and neat. Dining: I stopped in for breakfast one day; it was made well. Breakfast is my favorite meal, and they did not disappoint. I recommend it before venturing out for the day. The wait staff was attentive and courteous. Also the Grand Cafe has a nice atmosphere to it. I did not eat lunch or dinner here though, so I cannot comment on them. Location: The only real complaint I would have would be the area; which the hotel does not have any control of. It is in the heart of Downtown LA which has a ton of sketchy people walking around at night. I implore anyone staying here to use Uber/Lyft to get around the area and/or Uber eats to order in food. Walking around the area at night is not a good idea! If you do have to venture out; I recommend exiting on the 3rd floor as this area seems less desolate. There is a nice plaza with shops nearby. However, most places close around 6PM so get your shopping and exploring in early. Bar Lounge: I do think they need security at the bar. We stopped in for drinks and I felt bad for the bar tender because she had to deal with all kinds of riff raff that may or may not have been staying at the hotel; not sure. A group of guys started getting really loud and were practically yelling at everyone. If I stay here again I'm not hanging out at the bar. View: If it matters, the view from one side of the hotel faces two apartment buildings so you might not really have a view of the city. To be honest, I like to see a nice view when I open the curtains, not someone's balconies. It would not be a deal breaker for me though. Final thoughts: I would stay here again. However, I did visit my friend who was staying somewhere else and I did like the location and the amenities in that hotel. I do not know if the beds are as comfortable though. Overall, I would not mind staying at OMNI DT

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Best Western Plus Dragon Gate Inn
4.2/5110 Reviews
Highly recommend this hotel. It is located in the middle of Chinatown and is a very unique hotel. Staff was very friendly and they have a great breakfast. The rooms are very nice and spacious. I would definitely stay at this hotel again. Very safe area.
Royal Pagoda Motel Dodger Stadium
3.8/5109 Reviews
DO NOT STAY HERE! The biggest problem with this motel is the parking. There are a limited number of parking spots for guests of the motel. The staff failed to mention that it is PUBLIC parking not private parking for The Royal Pagoda Motel guest. Meaning anyone can park there, when ever they want, as long as they want. When booking a room I brought up the concern of the limited parking. The motel employee I spoke to said there is more parking on the side. I thought they meant on the side of the motel, another parking lot or garage. NOPE! He meant against the side of the main building of the motel with the very small parking lot. Nearby Chinatown has a very active night life so forget about parking in the street. If you leave for the evening and return later that night here is what they do when there is absolutely no legal parking. They will have you park against the side of the building or have you double park or triple park. Basically they will fill up the driveway of the parking lot blocking other cars in. A motel employee will ask for your room number and phone number. They will call you to move your car if you are blocking someone who needs to get their car out. Yes even at 2 a.m. when you are asleep. Myself and a few other guests of the motel had to move our cars for a non-guest of the motel. I asked the employee who called me to move my car how this person got an actual spot and he said he had no idea. While moving our cars the employee was trying to direct the non-guest out of the parking lot I witnessed a hit and run. The non-guest backed into a parked car in the motel parking lot. That driver and the motel employee acted like nothing had happened. At this point there was finally street parking. I felt my car would be safer parked out on the street a block away from the motel. And the other motel guests who had to move their cars were fighting for whatever space was available in the motel parking lot. Another thing is that the rooms are very small and this motel is old. Several electrical outlets in my room did not work. I could not plug in my phone or laptop chargers. Plus the parties in the Chinatown may end at a certain time but that doesn’t stop people from coming into the motel to keep the party going.
Metro Plaza Hotel
3.6/5121 Reviews
2.5 out of 5 really. This is an independent hotel, but the chain equivalent would be Econo Lodge or Super 8. If you do not enjoy staying in those types of places then you will not enjoy staying here. Furniture is all well-worn, beds are stiff, and there are no amenities. On the positive side, the room was clean enough, and this is pretty much the only hotel choice within walking distance to Union Station if that's important to you. It was to me as I had an early train to catch, so that's why I stayed here. This might also be a good hotel choice for budget travelers getting around Los Angeles without a car, as a lot of bus and subway routes converge on this area. If train travel does not factor into your Los Angeles travel plans, then I definitely do not recommend staying here as there are other much better options. Aside from the hotel itself, the immediate area is not all that great. Lots of homeless people all over the place, who are mostly harmless, but it still always puts me on edge a little, especially at night. Also, there's an empty and rather depressing Chinatown area nearby. My choice for food and drink would be the Mexican themed Olvera Street, which is also nearby.
Conrad Los Angeles
4.6/575 Reviews
Downtown Los Angeles
Amazing stay. We’ve stayed a handful of times at the Waldorf Beverly Hills which we also love, but I think this will be our new go-to Hilton property in Los Angeles as it’s at a much more attractive price point. The service was what really stood out. Extremely friendly front desk, bellmen, drivers, and wait staff. We were celebrating our anniversary and they upgraded us to a beautiful suite and provided treats and champagne. Pool was beautiful and huge considering the area. Food was delicious, albeit extremely expensive which is our only criticism of the property. We are excited to come back.
Little Tokyo Hotel
3.4/597 Reviews
Downtown Los Angeles
It's quite before. It was about 2012, and it was 3 or 4 months. I'm sorry that the information was old. I tried to describe it nostalgic. The owner was Korean American, and the inn worker 々 was Japanese. The owner was very pleasant and the person who worked was very good. Definitely, you can spend comfortably !! I miss it. The building itself is old, but it was cleaned properly and there was no huh at all. The station is also close and recommended to stay reasonable !! The room was hot because it was honest and only a fan (at that time) (of course a single room). The bus toilet is joint, but it will not be a problem because it is different from men and women. Yes. . . When you eat, you can rent a pot or fixture for free, so you can also cook for yourself !! There is also a refrigerator. Also, the washing is done with a washing machine and a dryer, so it is stress free. There is no detergent. Each, once, about 25 cents. When I returned to Japan, the owner said that I would come with my wife next time, but I can't realize it yet (T_T) I think it's a really good hotel for Japanese people !! I want to go again if the corona is settled and time is done.
Kawada Hotel
4.2/5125 Reviews
Downtown Los Angeles
Near metro and grand Central station, hotel provided shampoo soap. Room Was clean. Room was a little tight for 2 person with 2 luggages. Downside was there is no convenience store or supermarket nearby which opens at night when we went back to our hotel.

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