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5 star

Hotel Metropol Moscow
4.6/544 Reviews

Hotel Metropol Moscow

Moscow|0.39km from city center
/// stayed in December 2017 /// This is the review that I feel so indebted for the compliment review. Back in December 2017 , we spent our New Year Count Down in Moscow and stayed 3 nights at this hotel. (During that time the hotel was under major renovation) Our first impression: we booked for a regular room for 3 of us but at our arrival, the lady (seem to be the Front Manager) at the counter offered us the free upgrade to the renovated wing.....thank you so much. That was quite surprise us but when we accessed into the room it’s even more surprised me for its cosy luxury interior. This hotel is one of the best hotel I ever stayed - all the details in the room is as exquisite as the other ultra luxury hotels I experienced. It’s even 4 years back but I still remember well for the LOMONOSOV coffee/tea set that they use (one of the high-end porcelain brand I love and be using at home too). + Crystal wine glass + Nespresso Machine + KitchenAid Kettle + plentiful mineral drinking water. Wi-Fi is super fast (as recalled). Back then there was some situations in Europe and Moscow during that time is full with soldiers. However the hotel’s securities guard remember us well and helped telling the soldier that we are the hotel’s guests when we tried to access the perimeter to the hotel. Not to mention the location itself is great ,right next to Bolshoi , TSUM shopping mall and subway. On the departure day, due to the securities perimeter that blocked all the car to access to the hotel - the hotel staff managed to help us find the nearest spot where our limo can pick us to the airport. The most regretful thing that keep bothering my mind is I cannot remember the name of the lady at the counter who granted us the upgrade that made our stayed in Moscow is another remarkable memory......Thank you once again here. And would there be any chances that I could visit Moscow again - I would definitely stay at this Metropol again.

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Business travel

Safmar Grand Moscow
4.6/5124 Reviews

Safmar Grand Moscow

Moscow|1.79km from city center

Latest booking 19 hrs ago

I have been living in Moscow from 2018 - 2020 and was a long term resident of Marriott Aurora and Marriott Grand hotels. Due to Covid-19, January 2022 was the first time when I came back to Moscow after a long period of time and had decided to choose Marriott Grand for my stay. The hotel is located right on Tverskaya Street walking distance to the Red Square, theaters, many other cultural locations, and the wonderful Depo Luxury Food Mall in Moscow. It is also very close to the Belaruskaya train station which has the Aeroexpress directly to/from SVO airport. What differentiates Marriott Grand hotel from many others are the staff which are always there to help you with anything that you might require. The front desk staff are always accommodating with any early check-in and late-check-out requests and the concierge is always ready to help with restaurant and other reservations. Additionally, the hotel has a great buffet breakfast, nice restaurants, and also great room service which is available 24 hours a day. The gym and spa center on the -1 level is also really great, it has a wonderful gym equipment, swimming pool, sauna, and hammam. I wanted to also complement the hotel for it's cleanliness, from the lobby, the elevators, the hallways, and of course the rooms, it is a pleasure to see how the cleaning staff are always making the hotel look tidy and clean for the guests. Overall I really would recommend this hotel to my family and friends and hope that this review can help others on Tripadvisor to make the hotel selection in Moscow. Thank you once again Marriott Grand staff and General Manager for making our stay so wonderful! We are looking forward to staying with you again during our next trip to Moscow.

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Hotel Continental
4.4/551 Reviews

Hotel Continental

Moscow|1.55km from city center
Rested in this hotel with 18-20.06.2023, room 906. Of the pluses it is certainly location. It was very convenient and quiet. Staff on the resepschen guest room. The number is classy. quiet, modern, everything is good, but the service at them in the cleaning of rooms is suffering. I think the cleaning staff forgets that you have 5*, not 2* or 3*. Cleaned us a room, changed our bed linen, put us new shampoo and even left half used. But friends, how can you clean up the room and not remove the garbage from the bucket? But it's all tiny. How could you pick up the glasses from under wine and not return them back? How? !!!!!! You exactly 5*? We had to drink champagne from glasses for water because at 1 a.m. I didn't want to bother you. It's a straight capet as we didn't like it. Cleaning 2 points and also forgot to return the glasses. About the mini bar. ) What does it mean to leave a pledge on the receptacle? You have the cheapest room cost more than 10 thousand rubles, you have a hotel 5*, probably to come to you for a holiday far not poor people to ask for a pledge. Nowhere did I meet this, but maybe I would use your mini borough if it was open. And so it was closed. (And also of the downsides: in the corridor sometimes felt cigarette smoke. It's very bad. The overall result is: Get out who worked on June 19th in room 906 and either fine him or issue a check-list in the native language of the cleaner so that he can't miss anything. You don't have 5*100%. We went to Kazan after your hotel to Marriott Kazan Kremlin 4* and I I would say your staff should learn from them how to clean the rooms properly. There was everything perfect. I recommend that you finish this item and you will have 5*.

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3.8/54 Reviews
On foot - 10 minutes - from the metro of Alexeevskaya. Closed parking. Near 2 grocery stores. In the room a teapot, a refrigerator, a set of soap gel bags, slippers. Hearing through the door is excellent, I recommend taking berush. Bed linen white, towels are twisted, and not fresh. The curtains are blackout. The cleaning in the room is strange-folded for what the blankets, removed my shoes, but did not wash the floor in the bath as was dirt in the corners and remained. Breakfast is fractional. In general - recommend.
Cosmos Moscow Paveletskaya Hotel
4.7/566 Reviews
Excellent location. Silent (no trains can be heard). View from the window to the office building. Parking is paid 1200 yards per night, but it is always available (unlike Select Hotel). Excess (shoot hat, toothbrush, etc.) in the room is not- ask for resepshne. There are many cafes and restaurants nearby( Uryuk my favorite - a little further, but delicious there very!). And here breakfast is poor. (This is the minus for which I lower the estimate. 1000r per person is expensive. Although the eyelid, becon, cheese, the simplest fruit- vegetables you will find there. Coffee is good. But! You can take a combo in a chocolate for 300r - it will be the same, only with a view to the wonderful park in front of the Paveletsky station(by the way, I recommend walking there certainly: very nice, fountain dancing and singing for classical music, watching area, shining rings-wheel, generally beautiful decoration). Yes, the entry under the slagbaum can not be noticed, so slower and with the navigator look)).
Apart Hotel Volga
4.6/520 Reviews
I want to express my opinion about this hotel. I came on a trip so everything was paid by the company. As for settlement, there was no delay in settlement. Rooms: furniture is old, very tired, doors scratched. But, mattresses with pillows are very convenient, sleeped better than at home. The bathroom furniture is cheap but clean, not old (except for pins, and dispensers for napkins), the closet holds on two top bolts, when opened, constantly departs from the wall, that and look will fall off. Hot water lives in general, pressure is weak, half an hour adjusts, the hike is boilers. Food: it's something....I won't see, but it's not delicious, on the three, cheap food, meat there is not recommended, watery, frozen, low quality. A hammock man behind a bar who doesn't know what a service, dressed in a vest and jeans, came to me for breakfast, and said that ”we haven't taken it, we should first mark, then have.” He came to me with a list and said that there was no such name) had to look for his name and show it to him! This moment was outrageous if you need to ”notice,” you and the front desk at the entrance put with the person to be clear at once, That you have to approach him. At a price too expensive, though I didn't pay 16,000 for two days with breakfast, and one disgusting lunch. Location is normal, from the metro to go 12 minutes.
Hotel Wellion Paveletskaya
4.4/514 Reviews
From staying in this hotel there are the most warm and pleasant memories! Very responsive, attentive and always ready to help the administrators! ❤️ Helped with the documentation, woke up in the morning, saved with forgotten USB cable. On the day of arrival and departure, you can leave your luggage until the time of settlement and before the flight of the plane respectively in the storage room. Special thanks for the food! Very delicious breakfast and dinner! Breakfast is a standard Swedish table, for dinner is offered a salad, soup, hot dish, and each can be chosen and combined in different ways 🥰 The number is always clean, there is air conditioning, TV, small refrigerator, fan. All facilities for comfortable accommodation! I sincerely thank the hotel managers and staff for comfortable accommodation! 🙏❤️ I will definitely return, in other hotels even try not want! 🤩😎
Hotel Izmailovo Gamma
3.9/5246 Reviews
Near MCC and Metro Izmailovskaya. The rooms are tidy and the price is reasonable. Perhaps because of this, in the evening you will have to stand in line for a good check-in. The food in their restaurant is no frills, but everything is edible, there have never been any problems. Still, the TVs in the rooms would be replaced, otherwise they show so-so. The rooms are warm.
Hotel Empire
4/521 Reviews
The hotel itself is located on 4 stars at the entrance, but also on 1 is not pulled. He went for 3 nights and because it was cheaper to break 2 bookings. The hotel looked good, a little cheaper apartment in the business class house. When I arrived, I took the payment for both bookings and settled in the cap. Not very convenient, but I think OK 3 days I will survive. The table is not available, and I need to work, and the lobby is 10 squares, so I will give business trips not ice at all. But all the details, on day 2 the staff call me in the room and say that the departure is up to 12. I explained that I had 2 bookings paid, as much dissatisfaction was at the end of the wire. After I came up and asked for information before the calls, I got the answer: ”Okay.” You serious??? No apology, just a hamstring. Well, there is no cleaning, I asked why. I didn't hear anything clear: first they said that cleaning once 3 days, then after a day. After all they said to clean up. I went on business several times, but cleaning is not. And when I came with the products in 18.00 they allowed to clean up. I do not recommend this place because there is no service here and normal relationship is unlikely to wait. Yes, the luggage they keep a limited time, then the supplement. And it is stored under the stairs!

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