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Cascades Lakefront Motel
4.3/574 Reviews
Just by the lake, the scenery is very good, driving to the restaurant concentration area is also 7 or 8 minutes; the two-story small row, very pleasant, there are two single beds upstairs, a large bed downstairs, toilets up and down Bathroom; there is also a small public hot spring pool.
Cottage Mews Motel
4.5/534 Reviews
A family motel that is managed by an old couple is very well packed. Just on the lake side, the yard has a small path to the lake, the lake is clear, the swimming is great, and the water temperature is a bit cold. The room has air conditioning, it is a good night's sleep! There is a laundry room for free laundry! The owner's short-legged cat is very cute! Taupo is beautiful and suitable for many days.
Lakeland Resort Taupo
3.7/5102 Reviews
A very cost-effective hotel, three people with three beds, the front desk will not be Chinese, there is a bottle of New Zealand milk to taste early, there is a parking space at the door of the room, you can walk to the lake to take a walk, there is no place to eat around, to Going out by car, there is a concentrated area for shopping and eating nearby, it is very convenient, recommended!
Anchorage Resort Taupo NZ
4.6/570 Reviews
Value for money, staying in New Zealand next time. You can go to the supermarket to buy your favorite food, cook in person, New Zealand's ingredients are superb, steak, lamb chops, seafood, etc., super convenient, delicious, sea-facing, spring blossoms

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