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Popular Hot Springs Near Gaizhou - 2024

Updated May 2024
  • 󰺂6.4
    1081 Review
    "The content of the facilities has nothing to say, the old brand, the first place in Shencheng Hot Spring for many years, but the location is slightly biased, the price is high, and even parking is charged. These are indeed reduced points. With the increase in various online red shops in recent years, this year has obviously felt that people are not as good as in previous years, and no longer adjust the strategy. Sooner or later it will be replaced."
    Shenyang.Shenbei University Town/Fante
    >100km from Gaizhou
    Highlights: The Qinghe Peninsula Hot Spring is has a Nordic style influence, but each floor still offers a different and unique experience. The 1st floor consists of a toddler's area, a children's area, an adult area, and a sports pool. All of them are hot spring pools. Located on the 2nd floor are outdoor springs. At night, the steam combined with lights creates an ambient and indulgent experience, especially in the winter. On the 3rd floor, you can dine and unwind. On the 4th floor, there are private foot massage rooms, a sleeping hall, and a tea area.
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  • 󰺂6.3
    913 Review
    "In summary, this is a lingering hot spring hotel. I was impressed by its elegant environment, first class service and comfortable facilities. Here, I found a sense of harmony with nature, highly recommended to everyone who wants to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city and pursue a peaceful mind. Rating: five-star hot spring hotel, highly recommended!"
    Fengcheng.Dongtang Area
    >100km from Gaizhou
    Highlights: Dandong Tianmu Junlan Hot Spring is located in Dongtang Town, Fengcheng City, Dandong. Dandong Tianmu Junlan Hot Spring is a hot spring resort hotel integrating hot springs, accommodations, dining, entertainment and business meetings. There is an indoor comprehensive bathing center, an outdoor large-scale hot spring bathing area, etc. There are many indoor and outdoor hot spring bathing pools, such as Taiji Batang Tang, Kissing Fish Therapy, Foot Bathing Soup Gallery, Japanese Style Hot Spring, and Forest Bathing Pool.
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  • 󰺂6.1
    944 Review
    "During May 1st, there were many customers, and parking spaces in the park were limited, but the security guards would guide parking. There were staff who said hello to the reception center and the front desk service was very good. There are quite a lot of lockers to meet the needs of tourists. There are more hot spring pools, not very crowded, the temperature is from high to low, and the overall experience is good. It would be better to regularly update the facilities and interior decoration. The shower area is a bit small, a bit crowded when it is close to the door, and you need to queue up to wash. There are bath towels and towels, shower gel shampoo. There are only three hair dryers, too few need to line up. The buffet is only noon, no at night, and you have to go outside to eat. I bought a 77 yuan night ticket, and the admission starts at 3:30 in the afternoon. The price is good."
    Yingkou.Xiongyue Resort
    30.5km from Gaizhou
    Highlights: Tianmu Hot Spring Holiday Resort has over 60 hot springs, including an outdoor forest pool and an indoor spa. The resort also offers a Turkish fish pedicure using imported Garra rufa fish.
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  • 󰺂5.6
    194 Review
    "The environment is very good, the food is good, it is expensive, there is a lot of play, the water temperature is enough, the children have a great time, the children still want to go, it is far away, it is inconvenient to go once, there is a chance to go again"
    Yingkou.Xiongyue Resort
    28.7km from Gaizhou
  • 󰺂5.2
    262 Review
    "On the weekend, I will meet my girlfriends, three or five friends, and come to a comfortable bath. I am in a happy mood. I have stretched my internal organs and six organs. I suck the fresh air of nature. I wash my heart and lungs. Life is so beautiful."
    Benxi County.Guanmenshan Scenic Area
    >100km from Gaizhou
    Highlights: Huaximu Hot Spring is located in Hujiabao Village in Benxi County’s Caohezhang Township. This is a forested area with beautiful scenery and is rich in geothermal resources. The high-pressure hot spring water is abundant covering a wide area with high surface water temperature. It has a swimming pool, men's and women's baths, indoor and outdoor baths and several different styles of bathing facilities. The hot springs cover a large area, and because the surface temperature is high, the ground does not freeze over in winter. Covered greenhouses have been built to grow vegetables during the winter. Fish ponds are sourced with hot spring water to raise species like red carp.
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What are some Hot Springs near Gaizhou?
Some Hot Springs near Gaizhou include:Qinghe Peninsula Hot Spring|Dandong Tianmu Junlan Hot Spring|Tianmu Hot Spring Holiday Resort|Wang'er Shan Wenquan Shui Amusement Park|Huaximu Hot Spring
What are some highly-rated Hot Springs near Gaizhou?
Some highly-rated Hot Springs near Gaizhou include:Qinghe Peninsula Hot Spring:4.5|Dandong Tianmu Junlan Hot Spring:5.0|Tianmu Hot Spring Holiday Resort:4.8|Wang'er Shan Wenquan Shui Amusement Park:4.7|Huaximu Hot Spring:4.3
Where are Hot Springs near Gaizhou located?
The Hot Springs near Gaizhou are mainly located in:Qinghe Peninsula Hot Spring:Shenyang|Dandong Tianmu Junlan Hot Spring:Fengcheng|Tianmu Hot Spring Holiday Resort:Yingkou|Wang'er Shan Wenquan Shui Amusement Park:Yingkou|Huaximu Hot Spring:Benxi County