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Updated May 2024
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    "The night market is the same across the country, with various snacks and souvenirs. The special thing here is the Dai costumes to take pictures. Many young ladies like to take pictures, and my little brother likes to watch. . . It is also next to the Lancang River, so the night view is beautiful, and it is quite pleasant to drink a little wine with the river breeze."
    Jinghong.Gaozhuang/Starlight Night Market
    1.3km from downtown
    Highlights: Starlight Night Market is one of the growing night markets in Xishuangbanna and one of the attractions in the tourist resort of Gaozhuangxi. It is usually open at 7:00 in the evening. The night market has mostly food snacks and diverse handicrafts. It is much nicer than the Binjiang Night Market. Maybe because there are almost tourists, the environment is not messy. And come to Xishuangbanna, the night market is full of local atmosphere. The night market is full of owners of the stalls. Some of them are locals and some come from all over the world like tourists. The night market contains many stall owners hawking crafts, national costumes, gemstones and other odds and ends.
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What are some Nightlife Districts in Jinghong?
Some Nightlife Districts in Jinghong include:Starlight Night Market
What are some highly-rated Nightlife Districts in Jinghong?
Some highly-rated Nightlife Districts in Jinghong include:Starlight Night Market:4.5
At what locations in Jinghong can Nightlife Districts in Jinghong be found?
The Nightlife Districts in Jinghong are mainly located in:Starlight Night Market:Jinghong