Family-friendly Attractions
Family-friendly Attractions
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Popular Family-friendly Attractions Near Pingxiang - 2024

Updated May 2024
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    "It is worth a visit in Nanning. Here, you can enjoy the style of Southeast Asia and relax. The entertainment facilities here are all large playgrounds. It is a good Nanning punch card."
    Nanning.International Exhibition Center/Wanxiang Mall
    >100km from Pingxiang
    Highlights: As the first customized theme park in the Fantawild theme park series, Fantawild Asian Legend presents the natural sceneries, history and folk customs of the ten ASEAN countries, allowing you to travel all over Southeast Asia in one day without going abroad.
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    "Very pleasantly surprised, it is worth visiting if you take the children... The children played in it for more than four hours and were unwilling to come out. Run back and forth. The biggest problem is that it is not convenient to go up and down the stairs and walk back and forth several times! Mermaid show feels that the place is almost the same, few people can punch in, there are too many people during May 1st..."
    Beihai.Beihai Old Street/Golden Beach
    >100km from Pingxiang
    Highlights: Beihai Undersea World, located in Beihai Waterfront Park, is one of the original aquariums in Beihai. It features a wide variety of marine wildlife, living coral, sharks, turtles, amphibious snakes and lizards, and even some rare biological specimens. The exhibit also features a long underwater viewing tunnel, and a selection of incredible performances like "Man-Shark Wars", making it a great destination for family outings.
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    "The zoo in the city is large enough and there are enough animal varieties, but there are some shortcomings. For example, large animals such as elephants  and tigers and lions  look very thin, which may be due to poor breeding conditions in the zoo. In addition, the water quality of the zoo is not improved enough, and the water surface looks bad. However, the zoo's greening has done a good job, and a new toilet has been built, and many beautiful rose flowers have been seen at the door. If the zoo can improve the nutrition and water quality of the animals, it will be a better place. 12 Also, the zoo is conveniently located and the ticket price is reasonable, suitable for family play. The maps and instructions of the park can be seen everywhere, and the moving line is reasonable, but it is built on the mountain, so it is more laborious to climb the slope. In general, the zoo is a place full of memories and favorites."
    Nanning.Guangxi Universtiy/Guangxi Minzu Universtiy/Nannin
    >100km from Pingxiang
    Highlights: Nanning Zoo is located in Wuliting, the Western suburb of Nanning. It is also sometimes called Xijiao Park. The zoo has a gorgeous natural environment perfect for taking the kids to see and enjoy the wide variety of animals. The zoo offers not only a great view of animals, such as black langur monkeys, hornbills, giant pandas, white tigers and camels, but also a variety of rides and waterparks. The amusement park is right inside the zoo, and includes rides like a giant pendulum swing and drop tower. If you're craving an adrenaline rush, be sure to check it out.
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    "The children rushed to the sea for the first time, and a professional grandmother introduced how to pick up different sea types. Grandmother has been working for 47 years. She is very experienced. The child also learned new knowledge and truly experienced the happiness of driving to the sea. There are not many sea goods in winter, and the harvest in the barrel is mainly from the gift of Grandma, haha, happy and happy."
    Beihai.Mangrove Ecological Tourist Area/Garden Expo
    >100km from Pingxiang
    Highlights: Every day, the mangroves hired a local experienced guide to take you to experience the original snails, catch crabs, dig sand worms, and experience the fishermen's life. The harvested things are owned by you, free of charge to catch sea tools, catch the sea guide, catch the sea, let us uncover the mystery of the sea, discover its unique charm, bring home and children. Discover beauty and find happiness in joy.
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    "The scenery is beautiful, the temperature of the water is not too high, but the merchants are very intimate, and the steam room is set up everywhere. This weekend, there were a lot of people, and I came out early, but I caught up with the March 3 activities. I mixed it up and I was happy!"
    >100km from Pingxiang
    Highlights: Shiwanda Mountain Hot Spring is in the north of Shangsi County. The hot springs are built on the hills and surrounded by green trees. The surrounding air is fresh, creating quite a pleasant environment. There are indoor and outdoor pools with crystal clear water, at a comfortable temperature. They are equipped with a deep-water area, a shallow water area and full facilities. You can get closer to nature and relax with your family and friends on weekends.
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What are some Family-friendly Attractions near Pingxiang?
Some Family-friendly Attractions near Pingxiang include:Nanning Fantawild Asian Legend|Beihai Undersea World|Nanning Zoo|Hongshulin Tiantianganhai|Shiwanda Mountain Hot Spring
What are some highly-rated Family-friendly Attractions near Pingxiang?
Some highly-rated Family-friendly Attractions near Pingxiang include:Nanning Fantawild Asian Legend:4.9|Beihai Undersea World:4.5|Nanning Zoo:4.4|Hongshulin Tiantianganhai:4.5|Shiwanda Mountain Hot Spring:4.1
Where are Family-friendly Attractions near Pingxiang located?
The Family-friendly Attractions near Pingxiang are mainly located in:Nanning Fantawild Asian Legend:Nanning|Beihai Undersea World:Beihai|Nanning Zoo:Nanning|Hongshulin Tiantianganhai:Beihai|Shiwanda Mountain Hot Spring:Shangsi