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Updated May 2024
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    "Ctrip buys tickets, and the ticket gate of the scenic spot swipes the ID card to enter, which is very convenient. The scenic spot is convenient for parking, free parking is very good, like it! In order to save physical strength, I chose to take the cable car up the mountain, then walk to the Tianyuan on the top of the mountain, and then start walking down the mountain from the top of the mountain, and walk around every attraction."
    Qingdao.Laoshan Scenic Area
    >100km from Rizhao
    Highlights: Mount Lao (LáoShān 崂山) Scenic Area, situated just 30 kilometers east of ShiNan Central Business District, is one of Qingdao City’s tourists destinations. As the cradle of Taoism in China and known in traditional Qingdao folklore as the home of immortals, Laoshan soars 1133 meters above sea level. Mount Lao is dotted with green tea terraces at lower elevations that produce some of China’s finest teas. If you are coming to China’s Sailing City, you should set aside at least one day to visit mainland’s highest coastal mountain range. Popular attractions include: Temple of Supreme Purity (太清宮; Tài Qīng Gōng), Yakou Temple (垭口宮; Yā Kǒu Gōng), Temple of Great Purity (上清宮; Shàng Qīng Gōng), Longtan Waterfall (龙潭瀑; Lóng Tán Pù), Temple of Supreme Peace (太平宮; Tài Píng Gōng), Hualou Temple (华楼宮; Huá Lóu Gōng), Huayan Temple (华严寺; Huáyán Sì).
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    "Not bad, the second half of the mountain road is quite steep, the stone steps are also slippery, you have to pay attention to the handrails up and down the mountain, the trekking pole depends on personal fitness, like I don’t need to shake the top leg or sour, there is also a place to change the small objects with trekking poles in the middle."
    Tai'an.Mount Tai Peak
    >100km from Rizhao
    Highlights: Crowned as "The King of the Five Sacred Mountains", Mount Tai has been one of China's most famous mountain peaks since ancient times. A large and impressive rock mass covering 25,000 ha and rising to 1,545 m above the surrounding plateau, Mount Taishan is considered one of the most beautiful scenic spots in China and was an important cradle of oriental East Asian culture since the earliest times. The mountain was an important object of the cult worship of mountains even before 219 BCE, when the Qin Emperor paid tribute to the mountain to inform the gods of his success in unifying all of China. Watching the sunrise and catching the spectacular sea of clouds are common activities that visitors engage in. You are also encouraged to explore the ancient sites, engravings, and religious temples to understand the role of Mount Tai in China's long history.
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    "There are 4 paid attractions in the Badaguan Scenic Area, and the rest are free. Slowly visit the road in the scenic area. When there are few people, it is quiet. The bungalow on the roadside was built in the western countries that were mainly Germany."
    Qingdao.Eight Great Passes/No.1 Bathing Beach
    >100km from Rizhao
    Highlights: Badaguan is made up of crisscrossing streets in the southern part of downtown Qingdao. Most of the streets are named after great military forts in China. Badaguan boasts a tranquil environment with different scenery in each of the seasons. There are peach blossoms in the spring, crape myrtle in the summer, and in the fall you can see golden ginkgo leaves.There are also many villas built in different national styles, providing well-known spots for photography.
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    "The natural environment is beautiful, the management is perfect, the service is warm, and the tourists are in a comfortable mood. The impression is better than other scenic spots of the same level. Like the management staff of Daming Lake!"
    Jinan.Quancheng Plaza Commercial Area
    >100km from Rizhao
    Highlights: Daming Lake Scenic Area is located in the northeast of downtown Jinan, the northern part of the Old Town. It is a park that integrates bodies of water, garden landscape, and ancient architecture. Daming Lake is in the center of the park. Or one could say that the park is built along the lake. Daming Lake is a natural lake. The water source comes from many springs in the city. It has a long history, dating back to the Northern Wei Dynasty. In the park, you can visit the Lao She Memorial. In summer, you can enjoy the lotus blossoms in the garden.
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    "Habitual praise. When I came, I felt normal. It was a bit shocking to enter the scenic spot. The 72-meter-high Confucius statue was breathtaking. . . Near the evening, the sightseeing car made all the way was still easier. 200 yuan to find explanations, or understand some content. Fireworks, drones seen at seven o'clock"
    Qufu.Nishan Sacredland
    >100km from Rizhao
    Highlights: Nishan Holy Land: Located in Nishan, Qufu, the birthplace of Confucius, adjacent to the Nishan Confucian Temple, the overall planning covers an area of 44.78 square kilometers, with the overall idea of "Confucius' world, the world's Confucius" as the overall idea, with "cultural virtuous resort" and " World-class cultural tourism destination" is the overall positioning, integrating cultural exchange, cultural experience, learning and enlightenment, eco-tourism, leisure vacation, education and training, and is known as "another frontier window for the world to know Shandong and China." . There are statues of Confucius, the Great Hall, the Hall of Seventy-two Sages, five halls of benevolence, righteousness, propriety, wisdom and faith, and the performance of "Sound of Gold and Jade Vibration". Scenic tours are divided into night tours and day tours. The outdoor activities mainly include: Nishan Shengxiu + UAV performances (night activities)-shocking light and shadow composed of light, shadow, water curtain, fountain, fireworks, and drones Water show performances, Ren Shan Zhi Shui experience the joy of the sacred landscape landscape. Respecting the ancestors activities (matine session)--respecting the ancestor Confucius, ascending the steps to pray for blessings, and gaining insight into the wisdom of saints. Indoor activities mainly include: The Way of the University, hand-reading the Analects of Confucius, drums and sheng, Mingli Small Theater, Tianxia Guiren Lighting Show, Qipan Dance, Qingge Mandance, Paper Fan Welcome Dance and other activities.
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What are some Spring Outings near Rizhao?
Some Spring Outings near Rizhao include:Laoshan Mountain|Mount Tai Scenic Area|Badaguan|Daming Lake Scenic Area|Nishan Sacred Land
What are some highly-rated Spring Outings near Rizhao?
Some highly-rated Spring Outings near Rizhao include:Laoshan Mountain:4.5|Mount Tai Scenic Area:4.7|Badaguan:4.5|Daming Lake Scenic Area:4.6|Nishan Sacred Land:4.5
Where are Spring Outings near Rizhao located?
The Spring Outings near Rizhao are mainly located in:Laoshan Mountain:Qingdao|Mount Tai Scenic Area:Tai'an|Badaguan:Qingdao|Daming Lake Scenic Area:Jinan|Nishan Sacred Land:Qufu