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Family-friendly Attractions
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Popular Family-friendly Attractions Near Shengsi - 2024

Discover the best family-friendly attractions near Shengsi. Explore our top picks for family fun and create beautiful memories together!
Updated Jun 2024
  • No.1
    239523 Review
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    "Leader requirements, help customers set. Just play like that, I hope Fangte can rise. Disney please distinguish between the two, don't support certain countries anymore! I hope every child in the world can have a happy childhood."
    Shanghai.Shanghai Disney Resort
    88.1km from Shengsi
    Highlights: A dreamland filled with joy and innocence
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  • No.2
    25029 Review
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    "Tickets purchased at a special price in Songcheng during the summer vacation, take the children and mother to Songcheng to see Songcheng, the ancient love performance is a must-see program, the performance is wonderful, showing the historical story and mythical story of Hangzhou. I also went to line up to watch the big earthquake program, and the Qingming Shanghe Tu Exhibition was very spectacular."
    Hangzhou.Song City/Zhuantang Town/Zhijiang Tourist Area
    >100km from Shengsi
    Highlights: There are 20 theaters and hundreds of performances
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  • No.3
    102608 Review
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    "The children like it very much and have fun. The performance is also very exciting. Especially the tiger pounces, the child watches while eating. We came very well and not crowded. Free-range is good. Have the opportunity to go again."
    Shanghai.Kangqiao, Nanhui Area
    78.7km from Shengsi
    Highlights: Witness the growth of adorable animal babies
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  • No.4
    38581 Review
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    "Entering Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park as the evening descended, I was greeted by the soft glow of underwater-themed lights and the gentle lapping of artificial waves. The futuristic architecture of the park shimmered under the moonlight, setting the stage for an unforgettable experience. The Ocean Wonders greeted me with its mystical aura, showcasing majestic manta rays and schools of colorful fish gliding gracefully through illuminated tanks. The Arctic Pavilion transported me to a frozen realm, where polar bears prowled and penguins waddled amidst simulated snow. A serene boat ride down the Grand Canal offered glimpses of lush vegetation and exotic avian species silhouetted against the twilight. The Dolphin and Sea Lion Show captivated with its evening performance, their sleek forms gliding through the water under the starlit sky. Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park, by night, became a realm of enchantment and discovery, etching memories of aquatic marvels in my mind forever."
    Shanghai.Dishui Lake and Lin-gang Area
    56.3km from Shengsi
    Highlights: An ocean-themed park, with more than 30,000 marine creatures
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  • No.5
    42759 Review
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    "Recommended project Fire meteor today brought children to Tianjin Fangte Happy World. There is a night scene during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday. I like the Fire meteor roller coaster. This project has been played many times. It is very exciting and fun. The hanging roller coaster staff is very good. I recommend everyone to come."
    Shanghai.Lujiazui Area
    >100km from Shengsi
    Highlights: Walk through an ocean tunnel and appreciate marine life
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  • No.6
    4989 Review
    "🎢 [Entertainment Experience Raiders] 📍 Detailed address: Hangzhou Chuitiantong Tianhe 🚗 Traffic Raiders: Chuiyuntong Tianhe by car 🌟 Must-play project: Flying car 💰 Per capita consumption 300"
    Tonglu.Yaolin Fairyland/OMG Heartbeat Paradise
    >100km from Shengsi
    Highlights: OMG Heartbeat Park (i.e., Chuiyun Tongtian River Scenic Area), located in Tonglu, Hangzhou, is a heartbeat experience park hidden in the karst valley, which is thrilling. The park has created two major amusement groups with the theme of "going up to the sky and down to the earth", namely, the heartbeat park and the Tongtian River Cruise, to create a comprehensive panoramic amusement park that can be viewed, visited, played and lived in. In the sky, you can play in the sky carnival, and in the ground, you can explore the fantasy underground river. Children can learn about the magic of nature in the play, young people can liberate themselves in the excitement, and the elderly can find the breath of youth among the mountains and rivers. OMG Heartbeat Park, a life that has "screamed", is fearless.Tongtian River CruiseThe temperature in the cave is 18℃ all year round, which is a masterpiece of nature.Explore the underground river, the magnificent stone pavilion, and the typical karst landformGeocentric Expedition TeamPut on your expedition gear and explore the caves that are billions of years oldClear mountain spring water flows continuously, and every wrinkle on the karst is a trace of time.Mid-Levels StationSurrounded by scorching mountains, take a rest at the post stationThe perfect combination of architecture and outdoor space, enjoy the beautiful sceneryAngel WingsPut on your dream wings and become a Victoria's Secret AngelA must-see place for taking photosLingyun BridgeWatch the sky in the morning and the clouds in the evening, cross the sky bridge without any disturbance300-meter glass skybridge across the mountain, a heart-pounding experience walking in the cloudsSee different scenery and test your courageCoffee breakCliff Stone Lotus, please take a restCoffee break - Lonely Cliff CafeSky SwingThe swing is high in the sky, and my heart is poundingA high-altitude swing that challenges your heartbeat limit, a brave man's adventureJiutian Cloud GalleryI will climb to the top of the mountain and see all the other mountains below.Yingfeng Treading Cloud Corridor, overlooking the valley and forestA hundred-meter-high mountain cliff, facing the wind and stepping on the cloudsSky SpeedExperience the speed and passion of racing in Akina Mountain2000m blue runway, aerial scooter projectFeel the accelerated rotation of the S-shaped track and speed under the gravityUnlimited imaginationRide the "Pegasus" and gallop through the mountains and forests to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the mountains.It's like flying in the air among nature, creating a brand new amusement experience.Wire Flying ManWire flying show, fulfill your martial arts dreamTravel the world with a sword, soaring in the sky of heaven and earthFlyingGlass plank road drifting, winding thousands of miles1,350-meter plank road rafting, 720-degree double-loop superposition rotation, rapid gliding is like riding the wind and wavesThrilling, splashing water, screaming Astronaut clock inThe tourists return to the earth, take you to escape the earth's cities, and invite you to walk in spaceHere you can fulfill your space dream and feel the romantic sky in the heartbeat parkBajie Fruit ShopBajie sells melons, bragging about himselfThe fruits are sweet and deliciousBlack Forest AdventureLet’s go on an adventure to the Black Forest in the fairy tale!A jungle adventure park in its original ecological environment, where you can get up close and personal with the forestRed Boy Magic NetThe childlike innocence is still there, jumping in the magic netSurrounded by nature, let the children unleash their natureChuiyun ShoutingquanScreaming through the sky, listening to our heartbeatsShout out loud and make exciting splashesRelease all the happiness and recall the wonderful moments with passion!Sha Seng Technical SchoolSha Seng also knows how to use an excavatorSha Seng Technical School, dug a river to the skySomersault CloudThe feet are cotton candy, and one jump is thousands of milesIt seems to be jumping and rolling in the clouds, like clouds falling into the mortal world.Wild FishingJourney to the West Fishing, Playing in the Mountains and RiversEmbrace childhood and escape from the hustle and bustle of the cityTwelveThe starting point of "going to the sky" and the end point of "going to the earth"Explore the unknown, encounter beauty, and rest at a supply station during the journey
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  • No.7
    36695 Review
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    "It’s fun and fun, it’s worth going, the tickets are completely worthy of this experience, there are many play items, this time I basically played, the experience is super good, it is very recommended to choose to go on weekdays, basically do not queue up, you can quickly play many projects"
    Changzhou.Universal Dinosaur Park and Dinosaur Valley Hot Spring
    >100km from Shengsi
    Highlights: A large dinosaur-themed amusement park
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  • No.8
    10017 Review
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    "Children like it very much! The park is so beautiful this season. Although the project is a bit low and young, there are a few not bad. For example, the apple tree flying chair, the sliding cabin of the Ferris wheel is quite fun, it is open until 9 o'clock during 51, and the night scene is super beautiful. The children also want to brush it twice!"
    Anji.Hello Kitty Park
    >100km from Shengsi
    Highlights: A delightful place for families to capture precious moments with their little ones
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  • No.9
    13835 Review
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    "The western suburbs park that my parents often brought to me from childhood, there are many kinds of animals, almost every child took photos in the elephant hall in that era, and now it is our turn to take the next generation to play, full of memories"
    Shanghai.Hongqiao District
    >100km from Shengsi
    Highlights: Located near Hongqiao Airport, Shanghai Zoo is a modern metropolitan zoological garden featuring more than 6,000 animals in additional to various plant life. Species native to China include giant pandas, golden snub-nosed monkeys, lions, South China tigers, hoopoe, black bulbuls, scimitar-horned oryx, great hornbills, and Bactrian camels. With its convenient location and visitor-friendly design, the Shanghai Zoo provides a fun outing for the entire family.
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  • No.10
    1077 Review
    "I have not been to similar attractions before. It is very good. I have seen a lot of performances and performances in a day. I have also visited several exhibition halls and there are live performances. It is not very tired. It is more suitable to bring the elderly and children. Eating is also convenient."
    Shanghai.Pudong New International Expo Center/World Expo Area
    >100km from Shengsi
    Highlights: Shanghai Eternal LoveThe large-scale song and dance "Shanghai Eternal Love" is based on Shanghai's magnificent historical scroll and interprets Shanghai's past and present. The performance reproduces the turning point of Chunshen Jun's dredging of the Huangpu River during the Warring States Period, the graceful and tender feelings of Jiangnan in Shanghai, the ups and downs of Shanghai, the modern years of the foreign concessions, the ideals and passion of the awakening era, the rapid changes and inclusiveness of Shanghai in the new era, and the cultural core of the World Expo and the development and opening up of Pudong, which fully expresses Shanghai's red culture, Shanghai culture, and Jiangnan culture. A visual feast, shocking!Preface to "Tracing the Origin of Shanghai and Shanghai"More than 2,000 years ago, Shanghai became the fief of Chunshen Jun Huang Xie, one of the "Four Lords of the Warring States Period". He led the people to gradually develop this place from a fishing village in the East China Sea to a land of fish and rice in the south of the Yangtze River. In order to commemorate the immortal achievements of Chunshen Jun and the great wisdom of the ancestors of Shanghai, later generations used "Shen" and "Hu", a bamboo fence for fishing tools, to refer to Shanghai.The first show: Shanghai JiangnanThe long Pujiang River has been flowing for thousands of years, giving birth to the Jiangnan region in Shanghai in poetry and painting. Jiangnan is a painting, misty and hazy, with ink and color; Jiangnan is a song, with soft Wu dialect, and endless vicissitudes of life. A boat, an umbrella, and a love, this is Jiangnan region in Shanghai.The second show: Shanghai Beach"A gateway to the sea and the river, a metropolis in the southeast." In 1843, Shanghai was officially opened to the outside world, and foreign companies poured in. From then on, the poetic and picturesque Jiangnan became the turbulent Shanghai Beach where Chinese and foreigners coexisted.The third show: Modern YearsIn the 1920s and 1930s, Shanghai was a place where Eastern and Western cultures met. Let us experience the modern times of the foreign concessions in the neon-lit night of Shanghai.The fourth show: The Awakening AgeShanghai is the starting point of the Chinese revolution. Young people full of revolutionary ideals, represented by Chen Yannian and Chen Qiaonian, fought one after another and dyed this land red with their youth and blood. Let us relive those magnificent and glorious years.
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What are some Family-friendly Attractions near Shengsi?
Some Family-friendly Attractions near Shengsi include:Shanghai Disney Resort, Hangzhou Songcheng Park, Shanghai Wild Animal Park, Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park, Shanghai Ocean Aquarium
What are some highly-rated Family-friendly Attractions near Shengsi?
Some highly-rated Family-friendly Attractions near Shengsi include:Shanghai Disney Resort:4.7, Hangzhou Songcheng Park:4.6, Shanghai Wild Animal Park:4.7, Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park:4.6, Shanghai Ocean Aquarium:4.6
Where are Family-friendly Attractions near Shengsi located?
The Family-friendly Attractions near Shengsi are mainly located in:Shanghai Disney Resort:Shanghai, Hangzhou Songcheng Park:Hangzhou, Shanghai Wild Animal Park:Shanghai, Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park:Shanghai, Shanghai Ocean Aquarium:Shanghai