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Trip.Best Popular Family-friendly Attractions Near Shenzhen [2024]

Discover the best family-friendly attractions near Shenzhen. Explore our top picks for family fun and create beautiful memories together!
Updated Jul 2024
  • No.1
    58073 Review
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    "The tour of Chimelong Wildlife World is really wonderful. I think the park is large and will not make people feel bored. ‌ Although there is a large traffic flow during holidays, ‌, the facilities and services of the park can meet a large number of tourists."
    Guangzhou.Near Panyu Chimelong and Guangzhou South Railway Station
    91.7km from Shenzhen
    Highlights: China's largest safari park | World's only panda triplets | Animal encounters
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  • No.2
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    "Especially fun, there are indoor marine animal exhibition halls, there are outdoor amusement facilities, you can go to the exhibition hall to blow air conditioning, the staff are very gentle, the food in the park is OK, the experience is good"
    Zhuhai.Changlong tourism and vacation
    72.9km from Shenzhen
    Highlights: You can see fascinating marine animals
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  • No.3
    17597 Review
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    "Chimelong International Circus, located within Chimelong Tourist Resort in Guangzhou, is renowned worldwide for its spectacular performances and awe-inspiring acts. As one of the largest permanent circuses in Asia, it promises an unforgettable experience blending acrobatics, animals, and cutting-edge technology.Attending Chimelong International Circus was nothing short of mesmerizing. From the moment the lights dimmed to the final bow, the circus delivered a non-stop extravaganza of talent."
    Guangzhou.Near Panyu Chimelong and Guangzhou South Railway Station
    90.4km from Shenzhen
    Highlights: The Chimelong International Circus is the crown jewel of Guangzhou Chimelong. It showcases a wonderful circus performance that should not be missed. With a huge forest-like stage layout and a world-class team, more than 400 animals perform in realistic forests, hills, streams, and boats. There are also acrobatics and float parades to see. It is definitely an unforgettable entertainment experience.
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  • No.4
    21590 Review
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    "Best amusement park with so many different roller coasters. It's certainly a fun place to go with friends and family, and is very reasonably priced."
    Guangzhou.Near Panyu Chimelong and Guangzhou South Railway Station
    90.2km from Shenzhen
    Highlights: Chimelong Paradise has a wide range of amusement facilities. Whether you are looking for attractions that are exciting, of higher difficulty level or something more comforting, Chimelong Paradise has it all installed for you. It is suitable for tourists of all ages. There are several large amusement instalments in the park, and there are also exciting performances and parades all day round. Many theme events are held here during the holidays. These events are rich in content and highly popular.
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  • No.5
    3717 Review
    "Although it rained on the day of entering the park, the experience was good. While watching the marine animals, you can also play various amusement projects, and the queue time is very friendly for five minutes and ten minutes. The children have a great time and the fireworks show at night is also very beautiful. It's one of the mature paradises I've been to and I want to go to."
    Zhuhai.Changlong tourism and vacation
    72.6km from Shenzhen
    Highlights: Zhuhai Chimelong International Ocean Tourist Resort is an ocean-themed resort created by the Chimelong Group in the Hengqing New Development Region. The huge dolphin sculpture and fireworks have become a symbol of Zhuhai. There are many theme parks such as Chimelong Ocean Kingdom and Hengqin Island Theatre. There are also novelty hotels such as Penguin Hotel and Circus Hotel. The facilities are well-developed, making it a perfect place for family holidays.
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  • No.6
    671 Review
    "Full of technology, diversified marine life, and various amusement facilities fully satisfy the summer children to play, the killer whale performance is very exciting, impressive, the staff service attitude is very good, the follow-up holiday will consider continuing to play ~"
    Zhuhai.Changlong tourism and vacation
    73.2km from Shenzhen
    Highlights: Enter Chimelong Spaceship Park and start an exciting interstellar adventure. Here, every visitor has the opportunity to engage in an exploration mission full of challenges and adventures through personalized character selection. Every choice and every interaction you make will bring points rewards, from riding exciting rides to interacting with theme characters to participating in science quizzes, every step is closely integrated with the park's dual themes of science and entertainment.The special mission of "Egg Party" makes every step of the play a fun discovery! In the dedicated "Egg Party" check-in area, you can share happy times with the Egg Boys and leave beautiful summer memories. Each check-in point not only has a unique theme setting, but also has the opportunity to win exquisite gifts and extra points. With family and friends, capture the interesting moments of this summer and let the joy of "Egg Party" become the highlight of your journey.The officially opened Chimelong Spaceship Park has added 18 new sets of super fun equipment and is ready to welcome every explorer! The summer spaceship park has 35 different amusement equipment. This summer, we will take you into a new world full of excitement and fun.Chimelong Spaceship Park combines animal displays, science classes, theme entertainment, new rides and extremeThe most creative performance. The integrated multimedia technology and performance achieve the effect of combining education with entertainment, allowing tourists to learn knowledge during the tour, gain knowledge during the fun, and fall in love with marine ecological conservation while watching performances and playing.The highly anticipated killer whale science theater can accommodate nearly 5,000 people at the same time. With the theme of killer whale conservation, it combines flocks of birds flying together and killer whale behavior introductions and displays to show people the vibrant marine ecology. Here, Chimelong has created the world's largest killer whale indoor venue and the first "killer whale breeding base" to create a living environment for animals in the wild, and has created the world's most expensive killer whale wave pool. We can see the animals' natural behaviors such as splashing water, jumping, and swimming quickly, showing a scene of harmony between man and nature.In addition to the regular tour routes, Chimelong Spaceship Park has also carefully designed a series of popular science activities such as "Explorer's Journey" and "Little Conservator", aiming to enhance young people's understanding and protection awareness of marine ecosystems in an entertaining environment. These courses not only cover a wide range of topics, but also explore the mysteries of marine life in depth.At Chimelong Spaceship Park, you will experience a variety of rides from the exciting "Star River Storm" to the mysterious "Ancient Sea Fantasy". The new "Egg Party" special mission combines innovative gamification points to start a personalized interstellar adventure. This summer, bring your family and friends to Chimelong Spaceship Park to not only enjoy an unparalleled entertainment experience, but also gain a deeper understanding of the importance of marine ecological protection in an entertaining and educational way. We look forward to your arrival to create unforgettable memories together and explore, learn, and protect our beautiful world.Immersive space explorationWelcome to Chimelong Spaceship ParkSee the stars and the sea, admire rare marine life, and appreciate the diversity and wonder of life. 15 theme areas, 3 large performance theaters, 17 amusement equipment, 13 science classrooms, and 7 open classes allow you to immerse yourself in this imaginative space.Come and start the interstellar journey with us~Stop 1: The Universe: Board the Spaceship Park, Enter the Black Hole and Travel Through the NebulaVisitors can instantly enter the fantasy space created by Chimelong for tourists in the "Cosmic World". The giant simulated universe dome takes you to the spaceship park, into the black hole and through the nebula, allowing everyone to quickly enter the imaginary theme world.Stop 2: Planet Asia: Learn about the many amazing creatures in the river basinsHere you can learn about the freshwater ecosystem, and see the world's freshwater seals - Baikal seals, and various magical freshwater creatures, which will surely open your eyes. At the same time, you will also be amazed at the wisdom of humans in using freshwater.Stop 3: Rainforest Planet: Explore the secrets of the rainforest together and watch the interesting "Rainforest Theater"In the "Rainforest Planet", you can immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the "Tree of Life" above the dome, and watch the "Dialogue with the Amazon" performance in the "Rainforest Theater". The secrets of the rainforest vividly tell interesting environmental protection stories.Stop 4 Canyon Planet: Travel through the canyon world and uncover the mystery of the large population of manateesCanyon Planet is another world. Surrounded by lakes and waterfalls, you can encounter tiger fish that live in these habitats and uncover the mystery of the dugong, a mermaid from a distant fairy tale.Stop 5 Interstellar Platform: Meet interstellar guests coming and goingCome to the "Interstellar Platform" to meet the Mecha King, the Ape Man, and the Weapon Master. The wonderful black light show "Interstellar Theater" interprets the changes of water in different forms with fun and technological methods. It is entertaining and educational.Stop 6: Coral Secrets: More than 100 different types and shapes of coralsEnter the parallel universe of the ocean and come to the "Coral Secret Realm", where you can dive into the lush coral reefs without carrying breathing equipment. The huge coral exhibition area that amazes humans, 3,235m³ of water body breeds more than 20,000 animals and creatures, and more than 100 different types and shapes of corals. Its gorgeous appearance instantly evokes the mission of human beings to protect the coral family and maintain the ecological environment. The "Coral Secret Realm" also has interesting coral elders waiting for you, let the coral elders tell you the importance of coral reef protection for human survival.Stop 7 Ocean Rhapsody: Join the Happy Ocean Party"Ocean Rhapsody" is a deep-sea party where you can sing and dance with cute ocean fish and enjoy a happy time.Stop 8: Shark Black Hole: Meet the shark family and learn about various "ocean hunters"Come to the "Shark Black Hole" with the joy of the ocean, and hammerhead sharks will become your good friends. Visitors can not only appreciate multiple species of "ocean hunters", but also learn about the types, habits, and characteristics of sharks through model fossils, intelligent interactive designs, etc., to re-understand sharks in different ways and angles, reduce the fear of sharks, and understand the importance of sharks.Stop 9: Dragon Palace in Space: Travel through the past and present to explore the mysteries of Dunkleosteus, Dragon Fish, Sarcosuchus and other magical creaturesAfter crossing the famous ocean predator planet, you will arrive at the "Space Dragon Palace". In this parallel universe, tourists will travel through the past, present and future, and will encounter prehistoric ocean overlords - Dunkleosteus, Ichthyosaurs and other incredible ancient marine creatures.Stop 10: Whale Universe: Enter the Deep Sea Overlord Evolution Corridor and Conservation Space + D12"Whale Universe" will lead visitors into the evolution corridor and conservation space of the deep-sea overlords.Stop 11: Kubi Journey: Science and Conservation SpaceThrough the "Cool Journey", you can reach the "Interstellar Exhibition Hall", where the multi-functional science and education interactive displays are entertaining and educational.Stop 12: Deep Sea Amusement Park: 16 amusement facilities, sailing through the storm and exploring the seabedThe "Deep Sea Amusement Park" is an underwater carnival, a cosmic paradise with 16 amusement facilities, where you can realize your dream of going to the sky, the earth and the sea, take the "Bermuda Adventure" to cross the storm, and take the "Deep Sea Submarine" to travel on the seabed."Bermuda Adventure" is also an amusement project that cannot be missed. The high-tech ride-type dynamic simulation device can accommodate 300 people at the same time. When the lights go out and the dynamic simulation device starts, the tourists seem to be instantly brought into an ocean adventure. With the surging waves and the raging storm, it seems as if they are in the center of the storm. This real feeling makes people have a deeper understanding and awe of the ocean."Deep Sea Submarine" is a real underwater submarine amusement facility in China. It focuses on real ships, real fish, and real diving, striving to bring an immersive experience to tourists. The entire theme project is divided into six areas: coral caves, seabed exploration, adventure base, abyss shuttle, ocean current journey and magic palace. It can accommodate 96 tourists at the same time. Tourists become adventurers and board eight submarines that look like the "Struggler". Then the submarine slowly half-submerges into the water and moves forward. Through the portholes on both sides, tourists can see the beauty of the deep sea and watch dozens of unique marine fish such as sharks and stingrays swimming outside the window and playing freely. As the submarine gradually advances, fantasy scenes such as ancient shipwrecks, mysterious glowing treasure chests, lava "active volcanoes", geothermal vents, etc. come into view. Countless deep-sea theme fantasy landscapes are looming and unpredictable.Stop 13Killer Whale Science Theater: See large populations of killer whales and learn about whale and dolphin conservation“Killer Whale Science Theater" is the finale of the journey, which can accommodate thousands of people for cetacean science courses, allowing tourists to experience the surprise of the seabed at close range, learn about marine life up close, and recognize the importance of ocean and conservation.Stop 14: City of the Future: A variety of themed food and merchandiseHere, there are a variety of themed foods and merchandise for tourists to choose from, so they can pick out Souvenir and take home the memories of this extraordinary spaceship journey.Stop 15: Spaceship Food Court: A large family-friendly plaza that provides guests with entertainment and leisureIt has many non-powered amusement facilities, connecting the Chimelong Spaceship Hotel and the hotel's various Dining. Hotel guests can also quickly enter the theme park from here.
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  • No.7
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    "Guangdong Science Center is located in the university town of Panyu District, southwest of Xiaoguwei Island, which is certified by Guinness World Records and is the largest science and technology museum and science center. The pavilion is mainly on the 2nd floor, divided into 6 areas, and there are 4 areas on the 3rd floor, covering new energy vehicles, climate change, physical phenomena, children's science enlightenment, new materials, flight universe exploration, food and medicine and other aspects. I came here for an event, and I could only walk on the negative floor at that time, and the artificial lake was still quite beautiful."
    Guangzhou.Near Guangzhou University Town (Close To Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center)
    90.1km from Shenzhen
    Highlights: Guangdong Science Center is located in Guangzhou University City. Its overall architectural structure seeks to embody "scientific aircraft carrier". From an aerial view, it looks like a kapok. Its shape is very unique. The museum has 12 permanent exhibition pavilions, 4 science and technology theaters, an outdoor science exploration park, and dozens of outdoor exhibitions. It is a scientific paradise that has always fascinated children.
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  • No.8
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    "There are more people on May Day, and the water is still a bit cold. When the temperature rises, the price rises again. After the temperature rises, people should be more. Overall, it's okay. After the temperature rises, people should be more. Overall, it's okay."
    Guangzhou.Near Panyu Chimelong and Guangzhou South Railway Station
    90.9km from Shenzhen
    Highlights: Chimelong Water Park is only open during certain parts of the year, and is very popular in summer. The park environment is decorated with a lot of plants and flowers. They have a large variety of water rides, with the more famous rides being the 200 meter-long "Slide Wheel" and "Big Trumpet". You are sure to get wet and have fun here!
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  • No.9
    3209 Review
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    "The surprise park, close contact with cockroaches, chameleons, and interaction are impressive. Free outdoor non-powered facilities for children playground. There are also a few performances, which are very playable. You can also feed the big hippo, feel the two-meter-wide vicious birds roaring past from above, don't miss the show at 3 pm."
    Guangzhou.Near Panyu Chimelong and Guangzhou South Railway Station
    96.3km from Shenzhen
    Highlights: Chimelong Bird Park is a large-scale theme park set up by Chimelong Tourism Board. It houses tens of thousands of rare birds such as red-crowned cranes, flamingos, black swan, crown crane and white-faced spoonbill. You can interact with the birds here and enjoy the wonderful performances of the "Songs of a Hundred Birds" and "Hundred Birds Dance". The children can also go to the Amphibian and Reptile House to learn the secrets of the wetland animal kingdom.
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  • No.10
    2470 Review
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    "As an old zoo in Guangzhou, the Guangzhou Zoo is conveniently located, cheap tickets, and free parcel storage service. It is especially suitable for parents and children and weekend leisure. It is a good place to stroll around. It is also suitable for a half-day tour in Guangzhou. Feeding the giraffe for 20 yuan for 2 people is especially fun."
    Guangzhou.Taojin/East Huanshi Road/Guangzhou Zoo
    >100km from Shenzhen
    Highlights: The Guangzhou Zoo is located in the east section of Xianlie Middle Road and was built in 1958. The zoo is suitable for family fun. You can bring your children to learn some knowledge about small animal, visit the Aquarium and play in the amusement park. The park contains mammals and reptiles from all over the world. Hundreds of animals such as birds and fish are displayed in the form of a garden. You will enjoy strolling in a natural environment, with birds singing and peacocks displaying their feathers.
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What are some Family-friendly Attractions near Shenzhen?
Some Family-friendly Attractions near Shenzhen include:Chimelong Safari Park, Zhuhai Chimelong Ocean Kingdom, Chimelong International Circus, Chimelong Paradise, Zhuhai Chimelong Resort
What are some highly-rated Family-friendly Attractions near Shenzhen?
Some highly-rated Family-friendly Attractions near Shenzhen include:Chimelong Safari Park:4.7, Zhuhai Chimelong Ocean Kingdom:4.7, Chimelong International Circus:4.7, Chimelong Paradise:4.7, Zhuhai Chimelong Resort:4.7
Where are Family-friendly Attractions near Shenzhen located?
The Family-friendly Attractions near Shenzhen are mainly located in:Chimelong Safari Park:Guangzhou, Zhuhai Chimelong Ocean Kingdom:Zhuhai, Chimelong International Circus:Guangzhou, Chimelong Paradise:Guangzhou, Zhuhai Chimelong Resort:Zhuhai