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Popular Performances in Tianjin - 2024

Discover the vibrant performance places in Tianjin, including theatres, concert halls, auditoriums, music venues, and performance spaces. Immerse yourself in the city's rich cultural scene and experience unforgettable live performances.
Updated May 2024
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    "Ctrip booked tickets in advance, the theater also called me to set the seat, and took my family to Tianjin to listen to cross talk. This time I chose the front row, the sofa seat, and I can buy a set meal (including a small snack set meal, you can also buy a plate of melon seeds and peanuts for 10 yuan, pistachios, Cashew nuts 35 yuan, etc.) Most of the theater is the cross talk of the post-80s actors and the fast board is very grounded (the new and old sections are stringed together) and it is also very funny. I like it. Different experience, a total of 1 fast board and 5 cross talk. The only hope is that it will be more perfect without swearing. There must be cross talk, and children."
    Tianjin.Binjiang Road/Xiao Bai Lou/Five Avenue Scenic Area
    1.3km from downtown
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What are some Performances in Tianjin?
Some Performances in Tianjin include:天津西岸相聲茶館(總店)
What are some highly-rated Performances in Tianjin?
Some highly-rated Performances in Tianjin include:天津西岸相聲茶館(總店):4.5
At what locations in Tianjin can Performances in Tianjin be found?
The Performances in Tianjin are mainly located in:天津西岸相聲茶館(總店):Tianjin