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Popular Best Things to Do Near Tianjin - 2024

Updated May 2024
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    "Children like it, adults will focus on a tool person, accompany the play, and take the children to pay attention to safety according to the live performance and experience hall. Enter the park from 12 noon to play until the door is closed."
    Beijing.Universal Beijing Resort and Sorrounding
    93.9km from Tianjin
    Highlights: Universal Beijing Resort is a highly anticipated theme park destination that includes Universal Theme Park, Universal CityWalk Beijing, and two resort hotels. Universal Beijing Resort combines Chinese cultural elements to create a unique experience. It has seven themed areas, 37 rides and entertainment facilities and landmark attractions, 24 performances, 80 food and beverage outlets and 30 retail outlets.
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    "Xiucai said that Zhang Dao has a deep historical knowledge and the story told is very exciting. The family likes to listen to it. He took us into the Forbidden City of Red Wall and Yellow Wall. He learned a lot of stories of the deep palace that I didn’t know before. It is worth recommending."
    Beijing.Tian'anmen Square and Wangfujing Area
    >100km from Tianjin
    Highlights: Most tourists who visit Beijing for the first time consider the Forbidden City a place they must see. The Forbidden City, known as Gugong in Mandarin, once served as the imperial palace for 24 emperors during the Ming and Qing dynasties. It is a symbol of ancient China. Although it is no longer China's political center, you can still feel its former glory once you are surrounded by the high walls in the courtyard. Its long history has left behind many precious architecture and cultural relics, making it one of modern China's most important cultural heritages.
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    "Very, very spectacular, I can't feel it without seeing it with my own eyes. The ancients were really amazing, and the Great Wall was really beautiful. Going in May, the sky is not very hot, climb the Great Wall, look at the clouds and see the trees."
    Beijing.Yanqing Resort Area
    >100km from Tianjin
    Highlights: The Badaling Great Wall in Yanqing, Beijing, is a pass for the Ming Great Wall. As the saying goes, "You are not a hero until you reach the Great Wall." Most locals consider this spot the start of the ascent of the Great Wall. The Badaling Great Wall is the most complete section among the various great walls in Beijing. The total length of this section is 7.5 miles (12 kilometers) with 43 watchtowers; however, only 2.3 miles (3.74 kilometers) and 19 watchtowers have been restored and opened to visitors. Compared with other sections, most stairs are not very steep and equipped with handrails, so it is a relatively easier climb.
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    "Definitely one of the best tourist destinations in Beijing. If time is enough you can easily spend the day there enjoying nature. Also rich in culture."
    Beijing.Zhongguancun Area
    >100km from Tianjin
    Highlights: Situated in the Haidian District northwest of Beijing, the Summer Palace is a Unesco World Heritage site that used to be the palace and garden of the emperors of the Qing Dynasty. It is the largest and most well preserved royal park in China. Construction of the palace began in 1750 and it served as a residential and entertainment area for the royal members. The palace underwent two major reconstructions after suffering damages during invasions by the Anglo-French Allied Forces and the Eight-Power Allied Forces during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The Summer Palace can be divided into three sectors: a political activity area centered at the Hall of Benevolence and Longevity; an empress living area concentrated around the Hall of Jade Billows and Hall of Joy and Longevity; and a tour route concentrated along the long corridor, rear hill, and the west sector.
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    "It’s worth a visit. The Wangfu is very large. There are many places worth visiting and many places to explain. But the time for explanation is a bit too fast. If the explanation time is extended by another hour, slowly explain the history of Prince Gong’s Mansion. If each small courtyard has obvious signs. Guide, This experience of fun to play is even better!"
    Beijing.Houhai Area
    >100km from Tianjin
    Highlights: Prince Kung's Palace Museum near Houhai, is the largest palace from the Qing Dynasty. It was once the residence of Minister Heshen during the reign of Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty. Heshen is a famous corrupt official in Chinese history. After Prince Gong moved in, it was renamed Prince Gong's Mansion. Prince Gong's Mansion is a relatively well-preserved palace from the Qing Dynasty. There are more than 30 different types of buildings here. At one point, the garden in the mansion was one of the most exquisite mansion gardens in Beijing.
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    "The flowers in the Baiyuan Garden in the Temple of Heaven Park are blooming beautifully! Recommended to Temple of Heaven beautiful Temple"
    Beijing.Qianmen, The Temple Of Heaven and Chongwenmen
    >100km from Tianjin
    Highlights: The Temple of Heaven is a unique altar for emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties. Here, people worship the heavens, ask for rain, and pray for a better harvest. It is a famous ancient building in China. The Temple of Heaven is divided into two parts: the Inner Altar and the Outer Altar. Well-known structures such as the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest and the Echo Wall are located in the Inner Altar. While visiting the Temple of Heaven, tourists get to experience the grand praying ceremony of ancient emperors and observe the ingenious designs such as the Echo Wall and the Triple Sound Stones. The wisdom of the ancient craftsmen will not fail to impress you.
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    "Baotu Spring is a worth visiting attraction, very good environment, pleasant scenery, clear water quality of Baotu Spring, and simple and elegant surrounding buildings. Just in time for the chrysanthemum exhibition, so beautiful! Because the time was rushed for only half a day, I personally felt that the day was perfect."
    Jinan.Quancheng Plaza Commercial Area
    >100km from Tianjin
    Highlights: Baotu Spring Park is located in the bustling central district of Ji'nan city. It is a garden with Baotu spring as the main attraction. Having a history of more than 2000 years, The Baotu Spring is well renowned around the world, ranking number one of Ji'nan's 72 Famous Springs. It has been featured in multiple literary works, such as "Baotu Spring" by famous chinese author Lao She. The spectacular scene of spring water errupting out from its three outlets is also a popular attraction among visitors.
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    "It was too cold to go that day. I didn't take the cable car. It was not cold after climbing up. I hope my friends will go to the best in autumn. This is the season to go to the mountain to see the red maple leaves. We have not encountered it. I hope you will see it."
    Beijing.Huairou Scenic Area
    >100km from Tianjin
    Highlights: Mutianyu Great Wall is located in Huairou District, Beijing. It is connected to Juyongguan Great Wall in the west and Gubeikou in the east. It has been a military stronghold guarding Beijing since ancient times and is known as the "Dangerous Pass". Mutianyu Great Wall has a unique architectural style and densely packed watchtowers, especially the main pass with three watchtowers standing side by side, which is rare in the Great Wall.22 enemy towers densely packedThe Mutianyu Great Wall is mostly built on the outer side of the steep cliff, following the terrain and using danger to overcome danger. The Great Wall is seven or eight meters high and four or five meters wide at the top. The building material is mainly granite, which is majestic and solid. The Mutianyu Great Wall has dense watchtowers. There are 22 watchtowers in the 2,250-meter section of the Great Wall that is currently open. There are 4 watchtowers in the distance of less than 500 meters from the first platform (the big corner tower) to the fourth platform (the main gate tower). This dense distribution of watchtowers is not available in other Great Walls.Great Wall Climbing Route ReferenceMost tourists hike up the Great Wall along the Climbing Trail. There are two trails in the Attraction, starting from the north and south ticket gates. From the north ticket gate, you can walk to the 10th and 8th steps of the Great Wall; from the south ticket gate, you can walk to the 8th and 6th steps of the Great Wall. The two trails are similar in distance, about 1,500 meters. If you don't want to consume too much energy on the trail, you can choose to take the cable car next to the north ticket gate. The cable car station is near the 14th step.The currently open section of the Mutianyu Great Wall is about 2,250 meters long. At the southeast end is the first large corner tower of Mutianyu. Going northwest, you can reach the No. 4 platform (Zhengguan Platform) to see the unique structure of three watchtowers standing on one platform. Continue forward, the wall is relatively flat and easy to walk, and you can walk all the way to the 22nd platform at the northwest end, and then take the cable car down the mountain from the 14th platform.
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    "The children like it very much. The weather is very hot. The animals are lazy. There are many places for tourists to rest in the park. It is very convenient. Some animals' residences are relatively shabby. I don't know if Beidong plans to repair it."
    Beijing.Xizhimen and Beijing Exhibition Center Area
    >100km from Tianjin
    Highlights: The Beijing Zoo is huge and includes many rare animals. It is a must-see attraction. The Beijing Zoo enjoys a long history; it was founded over a hundred years ago. The three areas of the Beijing Zoo include the eastern, southern, and northern areas. The main gate is in the east area. The aquarium is in the north area. Rare animals from China include giant pandas, snub-nosed monkeys, Siberian tigers, white-lipped deer, and red-crowned cranes. Rare animals from other parts of the world include chimpanzees from Africa, kangaroos from Australia, leopards from South America, manatees from Mexico, and bison from Europe.
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    "The game is more abundant, the service facilities are complete, the performance and the staff are professional. However, when there are many people, the experience will still be discounted. Overall recommendation, have the opportunity to go again, you can try staggered travel"
    Beijing.Daxing Airpot
    86.7km from Tianjin
    Highlights: Beijing Wildlife Park is home to more than 200 species of wild animals. When you visit the park, you can watch exciting animal performances such as bear acrobatics, monkey cycling, and lion loop-jumping. In the free-range area in the park, tourists can feed animals through the iron bars. But beware! Do not extend your hands to the other side of the cage! The Beijing Wildlife Park also has a bird pavilion where you can see many beautiful birds, such as flamingos, peacocks, and parrots, capable of conversing with people. It is a very intriguing experience!
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What are some Best Things to Do near Tianjin?
Some Best Things to Do near Tianjin include:Universal Beijing Resort, The Palace Museum, Badaling Great Wall, Summer Palace, Prince Kung's Palace Museum
What are some highly-rated Best Things to Do near Tianjin?
Some highly-rated Best Things to Do near Tianjin include:Universal Beijing Resort:4.5, The Palace Museum:4.8, Badaling Great Wall:4.7, Summer Palace:4.7, Prince Kung's Palace Museum:4.7
Where are Best Things to Do near Tianjin located?
The Best Things to Do near Tianjin are mainly located in:Universal Beijing Resort:Beijing, The Palace Museum:Beijing, Badaling Great Wall:Beijing, Summer Palace:Beijing, Prince Kung's Palace Museum:Beijing