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Frequently Asked Questions

What is TripGenie?TripGenie isn't just any travel assistant—it's your personal travel genie! Created by, TripGenie is like having a savvy travel companion in your pocket. TripGenie gives you tailored travel advice and customized itineraries, to make sure each and every trip is as magical as possible.

What makes TripGenie stand out from other AI travel assistants?TripGenie isn't about generic recommendations—it's all about YOU! Unlike other AI travel assistants, TripGenie crafts personalized suggestions and custom itineraries that match your unique travel style. Plus, the help doesn't stop once you've made your booking. TripGenie acts as your trusted companion for your entire trip, helping you tackle any challenges along the way.

Can TripGenie help with booking flights and stays?Absolutely! With TripGenie, booking flights and stays is a breeze. Just tell it what you need, and TripGenie will handle the rest, making sure you get the best deals on accommodation and transportation.

Does TripGenie offer customer support after booking?TripGenie's got your back. If you have any questions or need help with your itinerary, bookings, or anything else, just reach out to TripGenie.

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