Jiangzhe Cuisine Restaurants
Jiangzhe Cuisine Restaurants
Top 10 Jiangzhe Cuisine Restaurants

Top 10 Jiangzhe Cuisine Restaurants in Anji - 2024

Updated May 2024
  • Trip Gourmet Awards
    43 Review
    Jiangzhe Cuisine
    "I came to Anji again after 21 years. The first meal was eaten at this Anji Laotu restaurant. Lao Wang ordered fried yellow stew, beef tendon beef belly pot, and Anji local stew. I ordered scrambled eggs with onion. Lao Wang’s girlfriend Xiao Xiao Wang ordered the gold medal braised duck, drunk shrimp fried yellow stew: in fact, it is a dumpling. Unlike the tube I eat in Shanghai, Shanghai is a bit hard, here is soft, don't worry about eating bones, not salty or light, just right, I eat the most [screaming teeth] [screaming teeth] [screaming teeth] Drunk shrimp: I don't like to eat, so I didn't eat, don't evaluate Anji local cockroaches: The three of me evaluated this dish as the best in the dish we eat today, sweet, very in line with the taste of Shanghai people, the wontons are also very crisp, very good. Niujin beef belly pot: a little spicy, there are cockroaches, pickles, beef tendon bite, not sticky teeth, beef belly is the same, very chewy, gold medal braised duck: the first time I ate a duck with sweet and spicy combination, that feeling was very strange, the duck meat was tender, but honestly the duck skin was a bit biting. This is the only drawback of this dish. I hope to improve it. The scrambled eggs onion: the fried fluffy feeling is full. If there are shortcomings, it is a little light. There is no big problem in the environment. The service is very warm, but it may be because the waiter is relatively small. Occasionally call the waiter once or twice, it takes a long time to come over next time I come to Anji, I should come back to eat again, it is a good food experience"
    Anji.Anji City Center
    1.3km from downtown
  • 4.4/5
    107 Review
    Jiangzhe Cuisine
    "The company traveled for lunch the next day, and came to the generous traditional dishes. It is worth recommending that Master Fang braised pork is the best to eat. The farmhouse stewed chicken is very fresh, the iron plate prawns are very crisp, the recruitment of braised duck is very delicious, the fans are very fragrant, the grass egg stew eggs are tender and fresh, the farmhouse vegetables are very fresh, and the oil and wheat vegetables are very delicious. Although the restaurant is traditional, the decoration style is very modern."
    Anji.Anji City Center
    2.6km from downtown
  • 5.0/5
    845 Review
    Jiangzhe Cuisine
    "Share Alujia's food, taste together to share a very authentic food on the tip of the tongue, Alujia is also the first time I have come to Anji to enjoy a different food, such a food is quite rich, the speed of serving is very fast, his dining environment is very elegant, And the door is very conspicuous, it was easy to find when I went! The mixed fish stew, the special fish and shrimps are mixed together and the taste is too delicious. Even the soup is mixed in the rice. The pepper and salt mulberry leaves are delicious. I saw a lot of net red punching in such food. I also tasted it. It really tastes very nice. I found that the small ingredients in it were sprinkled. It seems that I have eaten the happy Hangzhou sauce duck of childhood to try it. It is a little spicy, but the fragrance of the sauce duck is very sufficient. It is really a very powerful delicious! Outlanders come to Anji, almost will come to taste local cuisine, every food is a special feature, it is worth trying!"
    Anji.Anji City Center
    1.2km from downtown
  • 5.0/5
    2 Review
    Jiangzhe Cuisine
    "Tomato stew is just so delicious, sweet and sour."
    Anji.Anji City Center
    581m from downtown
  • 4.3/5
    4 Review
    Jiangzhe Cuisine
    "Looking at the pace of the review, I found a farm meal, Fang Bian said there is a place to eat. The store is very large, and there are many large round tables, suitable for accepting tour group meals. The price of the meal list is a bit scary, the local chicken stew 168, the sweet and sour ribs 58, the potato block are 25. The three people don’t eat much, so they ordered a few home-cooked:"
    Anji.Yucun Village/Dazhuhai
    14.6km from downtown
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What are some Jiangzhe Cuisine Restaurants in Anji?
Some Jiangzhe Cuisine Restaurants in Anji include:安吉佬土菜馆·农家土菜(昌硕店)|Dongdafang(An Ji Yun Hong Er Dian )|阿露佳·舌尖上的安吉菜|新农村土菜馆·老字号农家菜|缘溪来农家
What are some highly-rated Jiangzhe Cuisine Restaurants in Anji?
Some highly-rated Jiangzhe Cuisine Restaurants in Anji include:安吉佬土菜馆·农家土菜(昌硕店):4.7|Dongdafang(An Ji Yun Hong Er Dian ):4.4|阿露佳·舌尖上的安吉菜:5.0|新农村土菜馆·老字号农家菜:5.0|缘溪来农家:4.3
At what locations in Anji can Jiangzhe Cuisine Restaurants in Anji be found?
The Jiangzhe Cuisine Restaurants in Anji are mainly located in:安吉佬土菜馆·农家土菜(昌硕店):Anji|Dongdafang(An Ji Yun Hong Er Dian ):Anji|阿露佳·舌尖上的安吉菜:Anji|新农村土菜馆·老字号农家菜:Anji|缘溪来农家:Anji
What are some specialty dishes found at Jiangzhe Cuisine Restaurants in Anji?
Specialty dishes at Jiangzhe Cuisine Restaurants in Anji include:安吉佬土菜馆·农家土菜(昌硕店):Jiangzhe Cuisine|Dongdafang(An Ji Yun Hong Er Dian ):Jiangzhe Cuisine|阿露佳·舌尖上的安吉菜:Jiangzhe Cuisine|新农村土菜馆·老字号农家菜:Jiangzhe Cuisine|缘溪来农家:Jiangzhe Cuisine
What's the average price per person at Jiangzhe Cuisine Restaurants in Anji?
Average price per person at Jiangzhe Cuisine Restaurants in Anji:安吉佬土菜馆·农家土菜(昌硕店):Average price per person: $14.00|Dongdafang(An Ji Yun Hong Er Dian ):Average price per person: $12.00|阿露佳·舌尖上的安吉菜:Average price per person: $14.00|新农村土菜馆·老字号农家菜:Average price per person: $12.00|缘溪来农家:Average price per person: $12.00
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