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Popular Hot Springs in Gaizhou - 2024

Updated May 2024
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    "Take you to appreciate the special culture of hot springs. This is a business card in Yingkou. It can provide tourists with different grades of hot spring bathing and entertainment services in high and low grades. It is not limited by the season, especially in winter and summer."
    Gaizhou.Hot Spring Town
    19.4km from downtown
    Highlights: Silabao Hot Springs Resort is home to a wide range of leisure facilities, including hot springs, sports facilities, and a ski slope. It is located in a picturesque area surrounded by mountains. There are dozens of hot springs, each of which has its own theme. The crystal-clear water is sourced from the nearby Hongxi Valley. The resort also has a sea-view pool and yoga room.
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    "Yingkou Yifeng Tianmu Hot Spring is very large in scale, the lobby is stylish, there are indoor soup areas, Kowloon soup areas, Baqi soup areas, Yulin soup areas, indoor swimming pools and infinity pools, outdoor pools are surrounded by green plants, privacy is very good, hot spring water is also very good, very comfortable after soaking; High cost performance, with buffet lunch less than 100 yuan; not many people, there is a steaming room and leisure space on the third floor."
    Gaizhou.Hot Spring Town
    19.4km from downtown
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What are some Hot Springs in Gaizhou?
Some Hot Springs in Gaizhou include:Silabao Hot Springs Resort|Yingkou Yifeng Tianmu Hot Spring
What are some highly-rated Hot Springs in Gaizhou?
Some highly-rated Hot Springs in Gaizhou include:Silabao Hot Springs Resort:4.6|Yingkou Yifeng Tianmu Hot Spring:4.7
At what locations in Gaizhou can Hot Springs in Gaizhou be found?
The Hot Springs in Gaizhou are mainly located in:Silabao Hot Springs Resort:Gaizhou|Yingkou Yifeng Tianmu Hot Spring:Gaizhou