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Top 3 Spring Outings in Rizhao - 2024

Updated May 2024
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    "We are doing the ropeway from the east gate to enter the mountain. The car can stop the ropeway parking lot. We will arrive at the ropeway at 9 o'clock. The ropeway will reach the highest peak - Lovers Peak in about 30 minutes. After a while, take the bus to Cang'aoling and walk to Sun Yu Academy. You can go to incense. From Sun Yu College to Maojiahe, it is noon, eat and rest here, the taste of the food can not be too high, the price is not high, the journey of the Grand Canyon starts in the afternoon, this is about1-1.5 hours of hiking, 5.1 when there is not much rain, there will be drifting in summer, it may be more fun, At the end of the canyon, there will be more than 100 meters of glass plank road, built against the wall, not very scary, 20 yuan, more than 1 meter charges, the price is not too high, the back came to the cruise ship terminal, this is still good, 1.25 meters charges. Finally, I arrived at Longtan Lake Dam and took the bus to return to the ropeway parking lot. Adult pass 178, 1.2 below the meter free ticket. For the attractions where people are in the crowd, there are still not too many people here."
    34.5km from downtown
    Highlights: The Jiuxian Mountain Scenic Area is part of the Wulian Mountain Scenic Area. There are numerous peaks and caves in the scenic area. Many of these caves are hiding in the water curtain cave among the mist. The strange form and huge waterfall of The Jiuxian Mountain Scenic Area, as well as a water curtain cave hidden in the mountains, make visitors have to admire the sights of nature.
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    "The scenery of the scenic spot is beautiful. It is really steep to climb from the west gate. The strength is not good. It is recommended for the elderly and children to walk from the main entrance. Many of the roads up the mountain on the west gate are fast 80 degrees and it is very narrow. It is difficult to have a certain degree. The scenery is really beautiful."
    32km from downtown
    Highlights: Wulian Mountain Scenic Spot is located in Wulian County, Rizhao. It is one of the famous mountains in Shandong Province. The famous Ming Dynasty Guangming Temple on the mountain is a Buddhist attraction. The Scenic Area has two gates: east gate,the main entrane and west gate. You can take the bus from the Visitor Centre to the mountain gate on the mountainside. The path extending from the east gate is suitable for hiking, while the road from the west gate is steeper and takes more time to climb.
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    "This trip caught up with the start of the year, there are fewer tourists, the experience is good, the millennium ginkgo tree is good, there are temples inside, there is a Taoist view, coincides with the Spring Festival, there are many family-style incense burning Buddha rituals, it is also a culture, the overall experience is good"
    Ju County
    74.3km from downtown
    Highlights: The Fulaishan Scenic Area is densely forested and connected with the Folai Peak and the Feilai Peak. Among them, Dinglin Temple, a thousand-year-old temple, is an ancient temple in Shandong Province, which is the former residence of Liu Wei. It is spacious and elegant, yet simple and elegant. It has a typical northern architectural charm and is full of a strong human atmosphere. The ginkgo tree in the temple, which has survived for thousands of years, stands in the sky and is worth seeing.
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What are some Spring Outings in Rizhao?
Some Spring Outings in Rizhao include:Jiuxian Mountain Scenic Area|Wulian Mountain Scenic Spot|Fulaishan Scenic Area
What are some highly-rated Spring Outings in Rizhao?
Some highly-rated Spring Outings in Rizhao include:Jiuxian Mountain Scenic Area:4.2|Wulian Mountain Scenic Spot:4.5|Fulaishan Scenic Area:4.5
At what locations in Rizhao can Spring Outings in Rizhao be found?
The Spring Outings in Rizhao are mainly located in:Jiuxian Mountain Scenic Area:Wulian|Wulian Mountain Scenic Spot:Wulian|Fulaishan Scenic Area:Ju County