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At Leaf Villa
4.5/50 Reviews
Staying for four consecutive nights is more than 1,800 including tax, and the price is not cheap. The location is not far from the airport, and I booked a pick-up to drive here for more than ten kilometers, about 25 minutes. The store is quite enthusiastic, but can't understand English, only simple Chinese, communication is a bit difficult, but fortunately there is no special need. Single-family villa, the room is quite big, can live two people, the environment is quite clean and hygienic, the food is spicy but delicious. There is a swimming pool in the garden, but it feels rather tasteless. There are a lot of Chinese people buying houses in the surrounding area, most of them from the Northeast, giving the illusion of being in a small county in China. Usually the surrounding area is very deserted at night, and there is relatively little business. But sometimes there will be a night market at the door.
Foresta Villa
3.7/55 Reviews
One of my best experiences in Chiang Mai. I have been traveling here for years, it was the first time I stayed in Hangdong district. Foresta villa had everything I need: amazing delicious breakfast (simply wow! both me and my toddler loved it. there were different choices, I always had the same and did not get tired of it after a week, a small surprise every day with local snacks), quiet and comfortable sleep (some might consider bed a bit hard), very clean, the room is spacious. The people at the hotel are very helpful, friendly and kind. Made me feel like at home. There is a washing and drying machines (!) for use. Guests can use their kitchen. There are also only few rooms, so it's always quiet. We loved their pets. I had a car to drive around, it's more convenient in any part of Hangdong as everything is a bit far here in comparison with the city regardless in which part of the district you are. Still can get a cab using Grab if you don't like driving. It is definitely a place to come back.
Baan Tonglong Homestay
5/51 Reviews
Complete facilities, beautiful environment, convenient travel, first-class landlord service
Content Villa Chiangmai
4.4/527 Reviews
First of all thanks you for perfect corporate and the best hotel accommodations for our family, whenever go to Chiangmai must select this place, clean , best location . Will never feel you are in the city. Natural around your hotel. Many places near by such Chiangmai zoo . Flora park . And the hotel have amazing coffee shop . There are grab taxi available easy to call from application, and the price is not expensive if compare with the size and how wonderful this place you will feel the value of money you spend you get more benefits from this place. Breakfast is enough for everyone. One more thing ! This place made your sleeping time very deeppppppp be careful you might lost your trip if you not wake up from the bed. We miss you content villa
Tree Scape Retreat Resort
4.4/513 Reviews
2 adults and 2 children stayed in this hotel. I was afraid that we were not happy enough. The room was upgraded for free. As soon as we left the room, we went to the swimming pool. The children had a lot of fun in the swimming pool. There was a buffet breakfast and there was someone to cook eggs. I think You can do whatever you want. I drive here by myself, so everything is very close.
Monmuang Chiangmai Resort
4.8/532 Reviews
If you are accustomed to the busyness of domestic metropolises and choose a city for vacation, then coming to MM Resort Chiang Mai is the best choice. I accidentally discovered this newly opened resort online and came here with the attitude of giving it a try. The service staff are full of kindness and the most important thing is that they can also speak Chinese. The resort is decorated in Lanna style. Since the newly opened facilities are relatively new, the bedding products are also from big brands, and the environmental facilities are relatively complete, mainly clean. Choose from five free breakfasts every day. After breakfast, start a day of pleasant vacation life with a glass of iced Americano. Little flowers can be seen everywhere🌸, and a dazzling array of trees. Enjoy the soft vacation life alone.

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