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Rodeway Inn Artesia Cerritos
3.6/5107 Reviews
This place is like a Hollywood movie set from the Hollywood studio tour. You drive in and just park where ever you want because you don't know where is your room at. You walk to the lobby and it's quite small. It's two man operation as one works in the morning and another works at night. I never seen any other people working in the lobby other than those two people working at the lobby. I know the morning guy but don't know the night guy. The guy is helpful on what things is needed in the room so nice job for him. So we got the room 112 and it's on the first floor. There is two floors and there is no elevator to go up which there are stairs on the left side and the middle of the first floor. Once we got into our room, it smell like it recently got cleaned which is a good thing. There are places that would give you a room where they haven't had anyone in there for couple days or weeks. So I'm glad that it was a fresh room to start with. It had a strong smell of Clorox to disinfect the floor and other things that lures there. WiFi wasn't the best here. They gave us a password on the first day and it worked. The second day, apparently the WiFi didn't work and the password didn't work also so went back to the lobby to get a new password for it. I would think that they change the password everyday so people won't be attach to the WiFi every time. But it doesn't so not sure how their WiFi agreement works on staying with their WiFi. The WiFi comes on and off at times and most of the time it doesn't really work when you wanted to work. So if you have limited data, try to look for other places to use their WiFi other than the inn WiFi. On our 4th morning, we heard something dripping early morning so I woke up and found that water was coming down from the light fixture in the bathroom and on top of the sink. There was a lot of dirty water coming down from the ceiling. I called the front desk about the problem and ask for some towels. The guy was like ”Do you have anybody to come get the towels?” It was 7:30 in the morning and I'm on vacation. Of course I don't have anyone to come get the towels. So I had to hurry up to brush my teeth and throw some clothes on to go get towels from the lobby. I told the guy what happen and it seem like this situation happen before. He told me that he will get the maids ready when we leave so he did. We told him that we will be leaving and will be back at night time. Night time came and we went back into the room. This time it didn't smell like Clorox. I think they just mop the dirty water and clean a little bit here and there. I notice that they patch the hole that they did before and redid it on that same day. Then I looked around to see if was the first time or it happened before. It happened before because I looked at the baseboard and there was old water marks on it telling me that water got to it and stain it. If that happened before then they changed the carpet into hardwood floors so it wouldn't stink as much and it
Vagabond Inn Hacienda Heights
3.1/575 Reviews
The overall hotel location is OK, the highway is on the side, it is very convenient to drive. Every time I go to live here, mainly because there is a rice noodle on the side, it is more suitable for the Chinese stomach, and it is convenient to eat. The front desk service is OK, breakfast is simple bread and coffee, not suitable for very picky people.
Travelodge by Wyndham Whittier
3.5/548 Reviews
The deluxe room offered exceptional value for its price point. The front desk staff efficiently addressed all of my concerns. The location is both tranquil and conveniently located. Kudos to the team for delivering a fantastic experience and beautifully renovated accommodations.
Hotel Saddleback Los Angeles - Norwalk
3.3/5106 Reviews
I stayed here because I returned the car on the last night, and everything else was good, but I didn't know what medicine I took wrong upstairs. It was noisy until 34 in the morning. There were children running around. The plane must find the front desk to solve it, fearing that the plane will be delayed the next day.
Holiday Inn La Mirada Near Anaheim, an IHG Hotel
4.4/5112 Reviews
The staff was very friendly and across the street there is a mart, Popeyes and Starbucks. However, there are many people who smoke cannabis at the entrance of the hotel, so the smell of cannabis is very strong
Residence Inn la Mirada Buena Park
4.1/595 Reviews
From The First Day Of My House Fire I Contacted State Farm With My Fire Claim My Agent Asked Me Where Do I Wanna Stay I Told The In La Mirada So I Had Too Choose Between 3 Hotels So I Visited All 3 Holiday Inn , Extended Inn Or Residence Inn So I Choose Residence Inn Over The Other 2 Amenites Spa , Pool , Breakfast Every Day Lunch Every Day , Dinner 3 Days A Week I Enjoyed My Stay Plus I Had A Room Service Attendant Everyday Cleaning My 2 Bedroom 2 Bath And Kitchen Which Was Supplied Coffee , Dishwasher , Stove Oven , Micro Wave Pop Corn Perfect Gem And We Had In N Out Burger Next Door And Harbor Frieght , El Pollo Loco Near By And Taquiera Los Comadres On Alonda Blvd And Stage Road 711 Store Arco Am Pm Very Convienant To My Job At Disneyland Me And My Family Stayed Here From June / November 2016 I Would Stay Again If Needed There Was One Employee His Name Was Timothy Room Service He Was Always Around To Help Me And My Kids And Wife

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