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Popular Hot Springs Near Rucheng - 2024

Updated May 2024
  • 󰺂6.3
    1464 Review
    "The second time I came here, this time I brought my parents and children to avoid the popular tourist cities and came to Yichun, a treasure city not far from Changsha. Although it is a May Day holiday, the town is still comfortable and pleasant! Tianmu is the largest and largest bathing place in the ancient town. There are many soup pools. There are also indoor rest areas and free snacks and fruits. It is worth punching in again."
    Yichun.Hot Spring Resort
    >100km from Rucheng
    Highlights: The Mingyue Mountain Tianmu Hot Spring Resort is located in the hot springs town of Wentang in scenic Yichun City. This geothermal hot spring in Wentang has many years of history. The comprehensive facilities at the Mingyue Mountain Tianmu Hot Spring Resort offer all necessary amenities. The mountain spring water from Mingyue Mountain has been formed into two beautiful lakes within the resort, and guest rooms were built facing them for scenic views. The resort incorporates the scenic beauty of mountains, lakes, and courtyards.
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  • 󰺂5.9
    427 Review
    "It is worth going, the child is very happy, the first time I go, there are not many people, I am comfortable to play, I can go again in hot weather, remember to bring your own slippers, the first time I went without it, I bought it on the spot, and the boating was very fun."
    Guangzhou.Baishui Village Waterfall of Zengcheng
    >100km from Rucheng
  • 󰺂5.8
    1016 Review
    "Convenient transportation. I often come to Metropark to soak in the hot springs. It's really comfortable. The area is very large. There are more pools. It's very good. The hot spring Xiaohan has an excellent service attitude. I will come next time. Like 👍"
    Yichun.Hot Spring Resort
    >100km from Rucheng
    Highlights: Mingyueshan Weijing International Hot Spring Resort offers a number of spa, entertainment, and leisure facilities. Surrounded by mountains and featuring hot springs in bamboo forests, the resort is an ideal location for a relaxing getaway.
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  • 󰺂5.7
    3704 Review
    taCommentScoreUrlbased on 29 reviews
    "This week, it rained heavily, thinking about the beach and other attractions, I can't go, set a hot spring, at first I was a little worried about whether the rain would affect it. Later, I heard that there would be a large umbrella on each shed. I went in and saw that it was like this. The impact was not too big. Because the rain flow is very small! You can soak in each pool quietly and comfortably. But the large swimming pool outside can't be used. If it is rainy, it is suitable for adults to play, but it is not suitable for children. As many comments have repeatedly mentioned in the service is really good! The staff are polite. There is no photo taken on rainy days. Overall the experience is good."
    Guangzhou.Conghua Hot SpringTourist Area
    >100km from Rucheng
    Highlights: Located in the center of Conghua District, Conghua Bishuiwan Hot Spring is backed by mountains and blessed with a beautiful environment. The special feature of this place is its large open-air soda hot spring with purely natural hot spring water. There are more than 30 hot spring pools, paddling pools and remedial baths. Heath care is the theme of this place. The food street in the hot spring area also offer a variety of healthy and delicious recipes. The resort is fully equipped. In addition to the hot springs, there are also multi-purpose exhibition centers, shopping malls, football fields, badminton courts and other facilities.
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  • 󰺂5.7
    36 Review
    "I went with my girlfriends, mainly to see the cost-effective, the new store opened, well-equipped, when I went to the basic package, I felt very good, there are several places that have not been put in all, the overall evaluation is good 👍"
    73.5km from Rucheng
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What are some Hot Springs near Rucheng?
Some Hot Springs near Rucheng include:Mingyue Mountain Tianmu Hot Spring Resort|SKOV River|Mingyueshan Weijing International Hot Spring Resort|Conghua Bishuiwan Hot Spring|Chenzhou Paradise Hot Spring
What are some highly-rated Hot Springs near Rucheng?
Some highly-rated Hot Springs near Rucheng include:Mingyue Mountain Tianmu Hot Spring Resort:4.6|SKOV River:4.4|Mingyueshan Weijing International Hot Spring Resort:4.6|Conghua Bishuiwan Hot Spring:4.9
Where are Hot Springs near Rucheng located?
The Hot Springs near Rucheng are mainly located in:Mingyue Mountain Tianmu Hot Spring Resort:Yichun|SKOV River:Guangzhou|Mingyueshan Weijing International Hot Spring Resort:Yichun|Conghua Bishuiwan Hot Spring:Guangzhou|Chenzhou Paradise Hot Spring:Chenzhou