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Bole Art Hotel
4.3/5224 Reviews

Bole Art Hotel

Pedestrian Stree Wuhu|1.08km from city center

Latest booking 10 hrs ago

Let me summarize first: the flaws do not outweigh the merits Pros: The view is definitely worth it, and the layout and facilities of the room are very complete, there are also free disposable items, and the location of Binjiang Park is very good Some minor shortcomings: For hot water, you have to go to the cold water direction to get hot water, which is the opposite direction, and the glass is two-way, so you can't see the view in front of the window, otherwise you will be one of the views; for afternoon tea, emmm, it may be that I don't have it or I have to get it, I really didn't see it About hygiene: First of all, I saw a comment about the decoration saying that it is relatively dirty before I came. I was also worried before I came. After checking in, I found that because it is tiled on the wall and it is a stone texture, it will indeed appear dirty, but it is only dirty. I personally think that the overall hygiene is acceptable. As for the paint peeling on the corners, this can only be said to be a construction problem About sound insulation: I also saw comments saying that the sound insulation is not good. I don't know because I haven't stayed on the side near the kitchen, but the sound outside the window is really not loud. The only thing that feels loud is the aunt cleaning in the morning. It would be better if it could be a little lighter Summary again: The flaws do not outweigh the merits, this view and this price are definitely worth it

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Zhongshan Road Pedestrian Street

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Wuhu Ancient City

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Wanda Plaza

Wuhu Millennium Apartment
4.5/549 Reviews

Wuhu Millennium Apartment

Railway Station Area Wuhu|0.14km from Wanda Plaza
Advantages: The location is very good, close to the light rail station and shopping malls, the room is large, the balcony is bright, the mattress is extra layered with sponge cushions, the boss is very intimate, and the precautions are listed clearly in the short message. Disadvantages: ① Outdated facilities, damage has not been repaired: 1. The room electrical appliances are complete, but the shower fixed place is broken, you have to hold your own hands; 2. It is also a water heater to boil water for bathing, the water temperature is difficult to adjust, the four lights of the Yuba are broken, and the washing is not warm; 3. Hot water must be put for a long time to heat; 4. Air conditioning aging, slow response. ② General hygiene, cleaning is not in place: 1. The sheets are not very clean. Although the boss said that they were changed at a time, they did not smell the disinfection. Two people live, the towel is given two small, one big. 3. Still take the initiative to give disposable slippers ③ Environment: 1. The light is a bit dark, the ceiling light is low; 2. Poor sound insulation, the corridor can hear other rooms talking ④ Service: Check in after 14:00, when we went, at 16:00, the boss took the room as an hourly room, when we went, the other guests in the room that we planned to give us had not left, not satisfied with emmm It is recommended that the boss re-check the room facilities, it is not cheap for one night, and it is not as comfortable as the general hotel.

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Anhui Normal University (Huajin Campus)

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4.7/546 Reviews
The service attitude of the boss and the proprietress is very good. The quality of the accommodation must be judged by the standards of the hotel. The room is large. The price is very high. You can choose this for a long time on business trips.
Yinglun Hotel
2.6/57 Reviews
Economic and Technological Development Zone
The environment is generally
Wuhu Integrity Hotel
4/532 Reviews
Railway Station Area
The room is very compact but very convenient. Downstairs is eating, walking tens of meters to the train station, you can take the train to take the rail transit
Shuxin Bieyuan Apartment
4.6/587 Reviews
Railway Station Area
The room is large, clean and spacious, next to Wanda, the service attitude is very good, warm and thoughtful, cost-effective, it is recommended! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Citihome Hotel (Wuhu Fenghuang food street babaoban Plaza)
4.3/5212 Reviews
Pedestrian Stree
The hotel is strategically located, surrounded by shopping malls such as Yaohan and Wuyue Plaza, which are convenient for dining. It is also close to the subway station and convenient transportation. There is a restaurant where breakfast is available.
Wuhu Fengyu Hotel
4.4/5100 Reviews
Service is super good, beyond expectations, elegant environment, good sound insulation, convenient location, price conscience, good check-out service attitude 1 The room is cleaned, the sanitation is good, the decoration is luxurious, the price is moderate, the noise is small, the lighting is good, the service attitude is good, the breakfast is rich 2

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