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DoubleTree by Hilton Istanbul - Moda
4.5/552 Reviews

DoubleTree by Hilton Istanbul - Moda

Kadikoy Istanbul|4.15km from city center
Thoroughly enjoyed our stay here, could not have asked for better. The staff took good care of us, all were very friendly and helpful. Our room had a view of the Sea of Marmara, Kadikoy, Harem station and the European side including Topkapi palace. - simply fantastic. The room was clean, and practical and large enough for three adults to move around comfortably. The beds were comfortable and suitable for our very tall family! The pool on the roof was small (there’s also a larger indoor pool), but a welcoming feature to allow you to unwind after a long day of sight seeing or just to spend some time sunbathing and cooling off (again, the views were amazing). Breakfast was excellent, everything you could possibly want was on offer, but I have to say that the omelettes needed a little work, they were on the dry side. Other than that all the food was top quality. The location is probably the best part about this hotel, it’s away from the hustle and bustle of the European side, but has excellent access to the metro, taxis, ferries, buses, dolmus’s and even a tram. You can be in the thick of sight seeing in a matter of 15-20 minutes by ferry! The price was also reasonable, so much so that there is little point in staying at the more expensive hotels on the European side - it just makes sense to stay here! Overall, loved this hotel and hopefully will be staying here again. Thanks DT Hilton team for making our stay a great one.

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Galata Tower

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Istiklal Avenue

Hotel Mara İstanbul
3.5/56 Reviews

Hotel Mara İstanbul

Taksim Istanbul|0.08km from Istiklal Avenue
”My experience at the Mara Hotel in Istanbul, located just a few steps from Istiklal Street, was far from pleasant. I had originally booked a single room, but what I encountered didn't resemble a proper room. It seemed more like a converted space that might have once served as a doghouse or storage. The room was outdated, and the odor was reminiscent of a dirty public restroom in a remote location. I was left utterly speechless, questioning how they could offer such accommodations to guests. I strongly advise against placing too much trust in their ratings; it feels like a scam. Reluctantly, I declined the initial room and accepted a double bed room for an additional fee. Unfortunately, it was in a similar state, albeit slightly larger, with a double bed adorned with a dirty sheet riddled with hair and stains. The floor was equally grimy with dust and dirt. Whether or not you decide to give it a try, my personal experience was less than satisfactory. Cheers.” هموطن عزیزی که قصد داری اطاقی در این هتل برای اقامت در استانبول بگیری. پیشنهاد میکنم اینکار رو نکنی. قبل از این سفر من در ایران بودم بنابراین سفرم رو از طریق یک آژانس داخلی در ایران برنامه ریزی و رزرو کردم. شاید به این خاطر اینگونه رفتار کردند. چون فقط چند روزی بیشتر از یکماه قبل از این سفر من باز استانبول بودم ولی با پاسپورت دیگه ام و رزرویشن و پرداخت از کشور دیگه ای. هتلی که گرفته بودم با اینکه ارزونتر از این یکی برام تموم شد ولی بسیار تمیزتر و مرتبتر با پرسنل حرفه ای و مودب بود. اطاقی که در این سفر برای من رزرو شده بود مثلا یک اطاق تک نفره بود. ولی واقعا اطاق نبود. بیشتر شبیه لونه سگ یا انباری بود که به مثلا اطاق تبدیل شده بود. تمام چیزهایی که داشت کهنه مندرس و خراب بودند. بوی تعفن مثل توالتهای سرراهی خیلی کثیف داشت. به عددهای ریتینگشون یا تعریفهایی که مثلا مسافرهای دیگه نوشتند توجه نکنید. کلاهبرداریه و مطمئنا از خوداشون روی سایت رفتند و امتیاز دادند. بهرحال با اعتراض من یه اطاق مثلا دونفره با یه تخت دبل در ازای پرداخت بیشتر بهم دادند که اون هم شبیه قبلی بود فقط مقداری بزرگتر بود با ملافه هایی کثیف پر از مو و لکه هایی که نمیدونم خون بود یا چیزهای دیگه روش. روی زمینش هم پر بود از خاک و کثافت . در کل این انتخاب شماست که اونجا برید و خودتون تجربه کنید . ولی برای من بیشتر شبیه یک کابووس بود. موفق باشید.

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3.2/517 Reviews
While it is very difficult to find a family hotel in Istanbul, it is one of the rare nice hotels to be preferred. They are very caring, especially Mr. Mert was very helpful. Thank you very much to all hotel staff
Skymoon Airport Hotel
4.1/535 Reviews
Awesome staff, fresh new hotel,awesome prices,ckean and very accommodating staff. The staff was very flexible in our booking due to our travel situation. We received much needed rest and felt refreshed when departing. The Osmanli restaurant is just across the street with parralel stellar setvice. It is about a 10 min ride from the Istanbul sirport and a fraction of the cost of chain hotels in the area very clean modern and excellent value. As in its name...close to the airport. Will definitely stay there again!
Serenity Comfort Hotel
4/549 Reviews
Nice and newly furnished rooms) Clean hotel. The breakfast could be better. Otherwise everything perfect ;)
The Pera Hotel
3.7/535 Reviews
Great location for both street-life and city transport (2 stations, inc the historic and very uaeful Tünel funicular down to the port, both a few minutes walk), great staff, v clean and tidy. It's compact but that was fine by us because we're out and about.
Arsima Hotel
1.8/56 Reviews
Location was perfect and service was good
Moda Suit
3.6/510 Reviews
The location is great!! The restaurant bars very close to everywhere, the street is a historic building, but newly built interior furniture was very elegant our room was very clear to the historic peninsula all electrical equipment was working the bed was very comfortable ❤️ staff We wanted a nice green cafe gardens on the back of the rosary, ready for help. We wanted a nice breakfast. We wanted a good breakfast. It's all warm and it's very delicious. It's a business that you'll prefer to be in fashion for the first time you come to fashion like us.

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